Monsters of Buffy, part 3 - MMM

I know I said yesterday that I would post the second and last part
of my horror short story today, but unfortunately I haven't had time to translate it all yet.
I promise to post it tomorrow, as my last blog hop entry for May Monster Madness!

Today instead it's time for my final Buffy themed post, where I list the four grossest monsters
of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the TV series. I never knew I had so many Buffy facts
locked up inside just longing to come out and be written about. Ok, maybe I did.
(And it's been quite time consuming...) But I have had so much fun with this!

So here they are - the 4 grossest monsters of Buffy:

The Queller. Listening to fear, season 5.

The Queller is the only extra terrestrial monster ever to appear in Buffy (other demons are usually either said to be from earth or other dimensions). It is summoned to "quell" mad people, and crashes to earth in what looks like a small asteroid. The Queller looks like a giant leech with a humanoid face, with gleaming red eyes and a mouth lined with rows of teeth. And it subdues it's victims by throwing up some kind of foul smelling thick mucus all over their faces. Quite the charmer.

Balthazar. Bad Girls, season 3.

One of my least favorite characters of Buffy is slayer Faith, because of the fact that she allies herself with the enemy and betrays the Scoobies. That is why I usually skip this episode when I'm going through the discs. However, in this episode we get to meet a "Jabba the Hut" looking demon called Balthazar, who is so fat he just sits lodged in a giant tub, constantly getting doused by his minions. Since he can't move, his powers are to mentally pull anyone into his grip and then explode their heads.

Bezoar. Bad Eggs, season 2.

Mother Bezoar is a gigantic creature seemingly trapped in the ground beneath the Sunnydale High School. It lays eggs that shoot tentacles into people's noses and ears while they are sleeping, feeding off them. Then the eggs hatch into alien scorpion looking things that attach to people's spines and make them do Mother Bezoar's bidding. The setup is obviously inspired by the Alien franchise, and it's a triple whammy of grossness. The fact that a high school teacher hands the eggs out to students under the guise of a "pregnancy prevention project" makes it extra funny.

Penis looking head worm. Doublemeat Palace, season 5.

There is nothing subtle about this monster. It is a long penis looking thing that comes in the disguise of an elderly lady's head. It shoots paralyzing... spit... from it's... mouth... and then proceeds to devour it's victim while still alive. Its hunting ground is the Doublemeat Palace where Buffy is forced to work to make ends meet. Fittingly this demon meets its end by Buffy castra... *huhhmm* severing it from its body with a meat cleaver. 

8 kommentarer:

  1. You CANNOT post about the penis monster and expect my 8-eight-old sense of humor not to go all giggly and stuff. And the name of the place? Oh my gods! I won't stop saying "doublemeat" all day lol

    And, of course, Buffy had to get the monster's head off... um, the old woman's head with a meat cleaver. Perfect!

    Yes, I'm still smirking hehehehehe

    1. I'm glad I could make you smile!

  2. You are funny! Especially about the last one. These are definitely some creepy monsters!
    Thanks for commenting on my post. I lost interest in True Blood for the same reason you did with Carnivale. It's hard to respect shows where the characters keep getting naked and having sex on camera. I feel like I'm watching a porn channel. Eew. :P

    1. Thank you!
      Though, just to be clear: It is the sexism, the constant gratuitous female nudity (but hardly ever any male nudity), and the constant focus on the female body in a heterosexual love scene that pisses me off. The fact that a naked female body always has to be young, skinny, beautiful, usually altered to fit the ideal, and ALWAYS sexualized, when a man can be "normal" looking, even funny in his nakedness, and can get naked without the camera objectifying him pisses me off.
      I am all for equal nudity!

  3. I always think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when I see Bad Eggs. All those monsters are truly gross - you picked them perfectly! ;P

    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles

    1. It's been too long since I watched Body Snatchers, wasn't there a remake in the 90's?

  4. I agree on the gross factor of all your choices. I thought the Doublemeat Palace lady going through the meat grinder was particularly icky. ;) The monster I would add to this list is the Gnarl demon in the 'Same Time, Same Place' episode. The way he was tearing little strips of skin off Willow, and eating them, really made me wince.

    1. I agree and he was on the list from the beginning, but I had to limit myself somewhere! :)


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