Horrible Monday

Most days and weeks go by in a blur. You wake up, you go to work,
you come home, you go to bed. Wash, rinse and repeat.
So far it has been the opposite of such a week. And it's only Monday.
Let me tell you about it:

A distant acquaintance made a post on Facebook, about how unfair life can be.
Looking at the comments people had left, I noticed the words car accident
and the name of my home town. I googled and quickly found out that
a father of two had died, and his wife was in intensive care, from hitting a tree.
With them in the car were their 5-year-old son and a friend of his.
The children were both unharmed in the accident.

Noticing their ages - both of the parents 3 years younger than me -
I didn't assume to know them, but still I sent a message to one of my oldest friends,
who still lives in my home town. (We just had dinner together Friday night.)
I asked her if she knew who the family was, and I just kind of threw in a:
"I hope everyone is ok". That's when she dropped the bomb:

The father was a guy we both went to school with, a really nice guy, one of the few.
My friend's family had been to lunch with his family just minutes before the accident.
They have 5 children between them and were heading back together in two cars.
His little daughter was in my friends' car and my friend's eldest son was
riding in the car with his family. Her son was the other boy in the backseat.
My friend and her husband are devastated. They have both lost one of their best friends.
Luckily, their son is probably too young still to really remember and be affected by this.
We are all hoping for the mother to pull through. She is being kept sedated
because of her injuries, but was conscious enough to squeeze the doctor's hand.

 I had barely digested this, and was actually on the phone with Cinnamon man,
telling him about the horrible news when I spotted the cutest little Rottweiler puppies
I had ever seen across the square. Escorting them were a young petite woman,
three children, and the largest and prettiest Rottweiler male I had ever seen.
But even from where I was standing I could clearly see who was running the show.

They tied they male to a bench and walked off, presumably to have lunch.
It didn't take long for the dog to start barking angrily, and he didn't calm down.
I was watching from the store window as he lunged at an elderly lady walking past.
The leash suspended him mid air, and he slapped to the ground.
But I could tell it was just a matter of time. I had my hand on the door
when another woman turned the corner, walking a tiny Chihuahua.

In a split second the Rottweiler lunged again and his leash snapped.
I ran out the door just in time to see the woman scoop up her dog
when the Rottweiler jumped her. I reached them and told her to stand still.
The Rottweiler was making this horrible growling sound but his focus seemed
to be squarely at the tiny frightened dog squirming in her owner's arms.

So I made a decision, and grabbed at the Rottweiler's collar and neck
and forced him into submission. The woman was crying hysterically,
another was already on the phone with the police, a waitress from the
café next door was frantically running around trying to find the
Rottweiler's owner and people were gathering (at a safe distance).

I was standing with my legs on either side of the dog, both my hands tangled
in what was left of his leash, forcing him to sit down and calm down.
Then the dog looked up at me with this bewildered look, and my heart just sank.
None of what happened was his fault. This dog had never been trained in his life.
When we finally got a hold of the owners, it all became even more evident.
Up close the petite woman was dirty, full of scars, scared and ashamed,
and then her partner showed up; an aggressive biker-looking man twice her age.

The police never showed up, and tonight they called me to say
there's nothing they can do unless I personally want to file a report.
They aren't even going to find out which dog it is, or have a talk with the owner
- even though it is clear they are breeding on this aggressive male dog.
The woman who was attacked didn't want to file a report,
and after seeing (and yelling at) that biker dude I don't feel inclined to either.

I go to bed tonight with feelings of sadness, anger and hopelessness.


The last I have heard, the mother in the car is out of intensive care
and is hopefully going to be alright. My thoughts go out to her children.

The police contacted me last night again, and they have had a hard talk
with the (temporary) owners of the dog. Hopefully this means he won't
be put in a situation where he can hurt someone again.
Unfortunately there will be no real repercussions for any of the humans.


19 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you. What a completely horrible, tragic day. I would also like to say that I'm impressed with your bravery with the dog- many would've frozen in fear.

    1. Thank you, but I knew I had to do something - especially when everyone else panics.

  2. I'm sorry you're unhappy. Perhaps I'm more misanthropic than you because none of that surprises me in the least. Life is full of injustice and tragedy.

    1. No, none of it surprises me either, but it's always good to meet a fellow misanthropist ;)

  3. Swift journey to your friend! Such a tragedy :( Very surprised that the police aren't interested in following up on a dangerous dog!

  4. So sorry you've had to deal with this. Such a terrible tragedy for the family who've lost a father and husband. I hope the mother will be alright! As for the incident with the dog, the owners should be arrested. If you hadn't intervened, that woman and her dog could have been injured or killed. Imagine if it had been a toddler instead of a small dog? Your actions were heroic.

    1. Thank you - that's exactly what I told the police: next time it might be a child. Then the police is gonna be in trouble for not even checking into the breeder.

  5. Indeed, what a horrible way to start the week =/
    My condolences to the family-- such a terrible thing to happen to anyone at all.
    It is quite a peculiar that the police should ignore such a blatant danger, but in the eyes of the little dog and even the lady, you're a hero-- so the day wasn't ALL bad, eh?

    1. I agree, in Sweden we don't take dangerous dogs seriously at all. But yes, the Chihuahua owner came back later with some wine for me, as thanks :)

  6. I am sorry to know that you had such a terrible Monday...
    such a loss for a family, I can't imagine how much they mourn their loss... my prayers are with them and with all those who were touched by this sad event.
    I wish you to have a much better week ahead. Take care of yourself!

    1. Thank you very much, I will try to.

  7. Oh. My. God.
    You acted quickly, swiftly and did the right thing! Wow, you really are a hero! I feel so bad for the dog, it's not their nature to be "bad", the dog (like you said) is not trained or cared for properly..and I'm sure wasn't neutered.

    In terms of the terrible accident, I hope that the mother pulls through and my deepest condolences to their young family. Tragedies are a very hard thing to digest.

    1. Thank you and no, the dog was not neutered. They were breeding on him, these totally irresponsible people :(

  8. Life really is unfair sometimes ... that poor family. :o(

    1. Yes, but I just heard tonight that the mother's out of danger :)

  9. Fy så hemskt :/ Jag hoppas innerligt att mamman överlever!

    1. Ja, jag har hört att hon flyttats från intensiven, och det är ju ett gott tecken.


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