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Halftime this TV year proved to be much more interesting than I could have expected.
Little shows crept in without much marketing, and proceeded to blow my mind.
If you haven't checked out these first three gems already, I suggest you get cracking!

 The cold war thriller drama The Americans, about a husband a wife living a double life
as KGB sleeper agents in American suburbia during the cold war of the 1980's.
This is a very intense, and apparently historically correct, show. Kerri Russel is very good,
light years from her Felicity days. The show has already been picked up for a second season.

The BBC America sci-fi mystery Orphan Black, where a young grifter finds out
there are more of her out there when a woman who looks exactly like her commits suicide
right in front of her. Soon she is running into more clones, and from people trying to kill her.
There is no word yet whether this is a 10 episode mini series or if it's gonna get picked up.


 The gritty kiwi crime drama Top of the Lake produced by The Piano's Jane Campion.
A young ex-patriot detective returns home when her mother is dying of cancer
and is immediately pulled in to the disappearance of an under-aged pregnant girl.
The secluded mountain small town is full of quirky characters and dark horrible secrets.
 The show is a mini series of 7 episodes, and the two last episodes are airing tonight.

For the horror buffs among us, two other interesting looking shows also kicked off
a few weeks ago; Hannibal - 'prequel' to Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs,
and Bates Motel - a would-be 'prequel' to Psycho. Yes, there's a theme here...
I'm not as excited about these, but for those looking for gruesomeness they hit the mark.

 Hannibal's first episode suffered from a stiff Laurence Fishburne, a mumbling
Mads Mikkelsen and a lack of female main characters. Hugh Dancy was the only reason
I returned for the second episode, which actually turned out to be a little more inventive
in it's gruesomeness, and gave us some more insight in to Hannibal Lecter's role in this show.
I will give it a third chance next week, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

I really liked the casting of Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore as the two main characters
in Bates Motel - Norma and Norman Bates. They are both great, creepy yet understandable.
But then they had to pull a criminally run town, a corrupt police force and a disgusting trafficking ring
into the story. Watching Norman alternately being horrified and excited about these thing
is too much for me to stomach. I have yet to watch the fourth episode, and I'm not sure I will.

On a last note, I am looking forward to the June premiere of the final season of Dexter,
'America's favorite serial killer'. From the trailer released a few days ago
we can deduct that this season's adversary will be played by Liev Schreiber.
That guy is always understated and excellent in everything he does!

Which shows do you guys follow? Any guilty pleasures?


10 kommentarer:

  1. I'm doing a little dance thinking of Hannival and Bates Motel marathons!

    1. Ah, you also a horror buff? sweet :)

  2. 'Defiance' premiere was good. NCIS & NCIS:LA are my guilty pleasures :) That & watching coverage of natural disasters (yea! for tornado season on the Weather Channel).

    1. You know, natural disasters do it for me too!

  3. Jag älskar tv-serier, men vi verkar inte ha samma smak, haha! Jag ska inte skriva upp alla för det skull bli en väääldigt lång kommentar men några är Big bang theory, Bunheads, Smash, The walking dead, How i met your mother, The middle och Glee.
    Sen så har jag och min pojkvän börjat titta på NCIS från början nu för han hade aldrig sett den serien :D

    1. Nu handlade detta ju om nya serier som haft premiär i vår, men jag kollar också på Big Bang :)

  4. OMG, Liev Schreiber? And OMG, it's the final season? I didn't know that. Dexter's the only show I watch with any regularity. I used to love Sons of Anarchy, but I mistakenly cancelled the subscription to the channel it was on when I was trying to cut household costs! :P

    1. I know, right?! It's gonna be great.
      I did watch Sons of Anarchy for a while, but my feministic sensibilities got enough after a couple of seasons.

  5. I'm really looking forward to Hannibal, it doesn't start here in the UK until the begining of May though, so I've got a little bit of a wait.

    Have you been watching The Following? I'm really enjoying that.

    I've only just discovered Criminal Minds, Sky are currently showing repeats of earlier series during the day, so I've got about 12 of these recorded. I tend to watch 2-3 at a time. Love it!

    1. We are surprisingly quick airing Hannibal in Sweden, we get the new episodes only a few days after they have aired on American TV.

      I don't watch The Following, but I have seen every episode of Criminal Minds, but after a while the masses of rape-torture-murderers of women got to me. Repeat after me: "We're looking for a white male in his late 20's to early 30's."


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