My furry family

Old photo, from when we still lived in an apartment

I grew up with a cat in the home, but we were never close.
I hardly noticed she was there and she preferred my mother above anyone else.
I also traveled a lot when I was younger, so I was convinced I would never have
pets of my own. But at some point age and domesticity caught up with me too.
I've never wanted kids, but suddenly at 26 I wanted a (furry) family.

I joined a couple of rescue groups, wanting to rescue a pregnant cat.
 My plan was to do a good deed, then keep one or two of the babies
and to find new homes for both the mother and the other kittens.
 One day I got a call; a pregnant cat had just wandered in to a home not far from us,
and had fought off the 3 cats who already lived there to get to the food.
 We prepared our apartment and a few days later we drove out to pick her up.

The cat settled in with us, we bonded and my plan slowly began to crumble.
The birth and those first weeks with the little babies was a magical time for me.
But everyone wants a cute little kitten, and no-one wanted an adult female
with no discernible heritage - except me. So, instead we kept only her :)


My girl chillin' from a hard day patrolling the perimeter and massacring rodents

My girl is a typical feline. She's a little standoffish to most people (though not to mama),
especially to men. She's independent, an expert hunter and a fierce cat and dog hater.
She was the perfect patient mother, but she's only cuddly when she's in the mood.
 She is big and tall for being a girl (all her babies are huge cats now too).
We don't know how old she is but the vet thought she was 2 or 3 when we got her,
so that would make her 11-12 or so now. (Wow, time just flies!)

After all of the kittens had found new homes I rescued another little fur ball;
A 6 week old little black boy, who was found abandoned near someone's stables.
He was terrified of humans and had lost half of his fur due to a flee infestation.
For a while we actually thought he might be part Siamese since his face looked so narrow.
Luckily he had an innate curiosity and it didn't take long until all sides were won over :)

Yes, that's garlic in the window - I went through a vampire phase...

Our little boy is very vocal; when he's hungry, when he wants to go out, when he's thirsty,
when he's bored...  But he's also mild tempered and purrs at the drop of a hat.
He still loves chasing string (at the age of 9), he begs at the table while we are eating
and he jumps up in the bed every night for his regular cuddle session.
He has an unrequited love for our girl cat, and is usually curious about other cats too.
He is also the master of rolling up into a ball and disappearing.

Can you spot him (lying on top of my clothes)?

It's been many years since I finally realized that I'm a cat person,
and now I can't imagine a life without them. I don't really travel anymore,
and I live in the countryside where my babies can enjoy the outdoors.
A year ago Cinnamon man moved in with us and became their new daddy.
He is allergic to cats, but he loves and cares for them like they were his own :)

So, I'm a cat person. But I don't think that means I can't be a dog person as well.
Me and Cinnamon man would like to get a dog at some point,
but that might be a long time coming. And I do have a hard time seeing us
introducing a puppy (or dog) to my two adult scared-shitless-of-dogs kitties.
It seems to be much easier the other way around; introducing kittens to a dog..?

What does your furry family situation look like?


21 kommentarer:

  1. My furry family situation right now is pretty much non-existent. My dog is with my ex, and I miss him all the time. I wanted to bring him to New York with me, when I left the Midwest of the USA, but it would have been a cruel thing to do. Attila, my dog, grew up in a farm, to bring him to an apartment would be selfish. But I wanted to... still do *sigh*

    I've been thinking about letting a cat adopt me...

    1. Oh, that's sad. I understand that you miss him. But a dog in an apartment is, like you say, not fair.
      Have you had cats before? I would recommend getting two (preferably siblings) if you can. They will keep each other company when you are out, play with each other when you are tired (and there's a lot of energy the first year...), and it's almost no extra work.

  2. I have two cats, they're mother and daughter. I got them from a rescue centre about 5 years ago now. I only went looking for one, but fell totally in love with them both. I knew they had to come home with me. :-)

  3. AWWWWW! Fuzzy babies! They are so cute. Right now it's just my Moo and that's fine with us. She's such a beautiful and lovable girl that I couldn't even think of stressing her out by adding a new addition. She really is a one cat per household kid ... though, she does like my Mom's little dog. Every time he comes to visit she greets him with a snuggle, purrs, etc. and then he licks her face. She then runs off and stays perched high so that he won't do it again. HA!

    1. That's so cute, and such typical kitty-love. "Ok, that's enough"

  4. Åh så söta de är! <3 Jag älskar verkligen katter, jag önskar jag kunde ha minst 15 stycken haha! Men jag vill gärna ha en hund i framtiden också faktiskt.
    Min ena katt Luna, köpte jag för 6 år sen via en blocket annons, 50 kronor mycket väl spenderade måste jag säga, jag älskar henne av hela mitt hjärta och hon är min lilla följeslagare som alltid är med mig när jag är hemma. Kira är ett hittebarn som mamman hade tappat genom ett hål i golvet i en gammal ladugård. Den katten är en riktigt hetsig en, gnällig och gosar hårt och bestämt. :P

    1. Det är så härligt att se hur olika personligheter katter (och andra djur) har, inte sant?

    2. Ja det håller jag med om! Mina katter är verkligen varandras motsatser i allt. Djur är spännande :D

  5. Unfortunately, I'm very allergic to cats, so they're out of the question in our house. Which is too bad because I love them! We haven't had another dog since we had to put down our Kaos two and a half years ago. But maybe after we move, especially if it's to the country, we'll get another one. Or maybe two, the spouse says. ;o)

    1. That's too bad - I totally had you pegged for a cat person! But one or two dogs sounds great too.

  6. I have an almost 12 yrold dog & 3 cats (12, 10, & 3 yrs). They get along fairly well so long as they have enough space to mark out a favored napping spot. Also, since you are familiar with local rescue groups, you could also put out feelers for a 3-4 yr old dog, smaller sized, familiar with cats. There very well could be a family who has decided that the dog of their deceased parent is to be killed, or someone who has fallen on hard economic times & they need to re-home their dog immediately.

    1. Dog rescues are very scarce in Sweden. We are different from other countries in that we have no homeless dogs, and we don't have rabies. We actually have a big import of homeless rescue dogs from all over Europe, to cover our "need".
      Because of this, replacement dogs - no matter where from or what's wrong with them - are almost as expensive as getting a pure bread puppy, around 1000 USD. While cats instead are thrown out, killed off and given away for free all over :(

  7. Then again, there will always be some folk like the ass in New York City who decided to go on vacation & had no one to look after his cat so threw him away to a high kill shelter.

  8. Jag är också en kattmänniska men min sambo är jätteallergisk (han är också kattperson trots allergin). så nu har vi istället...eller mina barn har två undulater och en kanin. den ena stackars kaninen fick vi avliva i förrgår. Jag fick honom för ett par månader sedan men han var i alldeles för dåligt skick för att ha ett vettigt liv :( . Jag blir så arg och ledsen när jag ser hur okunskap kan påverka så negativt.

    1. Så tråkigt med kaninen!
      Min sambo tar allergimedicin varje kväll faktiskt. När vi träffades var jag helt klar med honom om att mina katter är mina bebisar. Take it or leave it liksom. Han tog det ;)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE me some cats! My son and I were blessed two years ago this October when a solid black kitten showed up at our home. He was starved and flea/tick ridden but we took him in and named him Poe after the Halloween theme we were having that year. He is now fat and totally rules the house. I share my brother's Siberian Husky, he is solid white and I love that baby (my brother lives about a mile from me so that's how I get my dog fix.)Enjoyed looking at your cat pictures.

    1. Love your story - an October cat named Poe!
      My brother has a big dog too, a golden retriever. I've always liked big dogs :)

  10. I don't have a pet because my flat is too smal, but I'm an absolute cat person. My parents have a cat, and many of my friends have cats. Whenever I get to see a cute kitteh, I get totally crazy, saying silly things, doing silly things, making a fool out of me - while the kitties staring at me, probably thinking "What the f*** is wrong with this guy?" :-D

    1. Haha, yes they must think humans are high pitched drooling googley eyed weirdos ;)


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