Louis Vuitton fall 2013 (and a rant)

Lately, I've been feeling very torn about these kinds of posts.

I'm not that interested in modern fashion. I don't buy fashion magazines,
I refuse to even look at them. I only blog about fashion shows
when I come across dresses in my own style while googling around.

This isn't news, but I'm horrified at the size of women we call 'models'.
in hospitals getting drip. Nor that these young women resort to drugs,
nor that some of them die from their eating disorders.

The world of fashion (as well as most media) has truly lost all sense of humanity,
and I would hate to perpetuate such sickening ideals, where - sadly -
the clothes might as well be hanging on hangers, as thin as these girls are.

All that being said I do have an interest in clothes, especially lace
and dark velvety pieces. And these are some beautiful dresses.
I just wish I could show them to you in a different way.
But if you feel up for it you can click the images to have a better look.

How do you guys feel about this? Do you follow any kind of fashion?
Do images like these make you hate the (fashion) world, or your body,
or can you appreciate the garments for the art that they are?


6 kommentarer:

  1. Hi, Ms Misantropia!
    The pieces of fashion you displayed are really nice. I liked especially the velvet dress with long sleeves - looks very feminine.
    Well..I don't follow fashion, as it is not possible, isn't it? It changes every day, and I'm sorry, I have more important things to do in life rather than changing apparels. Yes, I can appreciate the beauty of the garments, though sometimes these girls shock me with their bony figures.

    1. I agree, more important things! And sometimes fashion just looks crazy...

  2. The bodies of some of the girls looks more like how old people who have difficulties to gain weight due to illness. Look at the thighs on those with see through dresses :(. The dresses are also very ill fitting for them. The dresses though are very beautiful.

    1. Jag håller med. Den långärmade sammetsklänningen hade varit så snygg på en normal kropp, men hänger nu bara som en trasa :(

  3. Modern fashion and I have spoken since... well, ever. I wear what feels good, makes me happy and makes me feel pretty. Sometimes that means a dress that I have since high school. If you were to ask me what was in today, I would give you a blank look.

    But I do love AlL the see-through dresses you picked. BEAUTIFUL!

    1. I hear you. Some of my favorite dresses are 10 years old!


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