Assignment update, week 3

If at first you don't succeed...

Yes, free (flowing) wine and booze did throw a wrench in my plans.
After my parents came home from France with lots of goodies it turned into
kind of a wet weekend... But I am still counting my units per week
and so I have not had a drop since then, making sure I stay on track.
(If anyone is wondering, I'm following what the Swedish Health Organization
considers a "risk free intake" = less than two bottles of wine per week.)

For the finale of Whiter and Lighter I'm having a little GIVEAWAY,
a pamper pack for one participant - after a whole month of restriction!
Anyone who has made any changes, any spring cleaning or cleansing,
is welcome to join - as long as you follow the guidelines below :)

  A little reminder of the last part of the assignment:

1. By April 30th at the latest, write a final assignment post
on your blog. What did you set out to do, and how did you do?
It doesn't matter if you got sidetracked or did better than expected,
the main point of this assignment is to take care of yourself :)
2. Comment on my final Whiter and Lighter post (which I will post
on the Friday before) and link back to your own post
- and you are automatically entered in the GIVEAWAY.
(I will draw the winner already on May 1st.)
3. Visit the other participants and share in their
experiences, triumphs or defeats! 


4 kommentarer:

  1. One step at a time, it's all we can do. I had told myself that I was going to go without meat for a couple of weeks, and some delicious honeyed BBQ wings made me change my mind--I worked out a little harder for it. It makes perfect sense to me ;-)

    1. BBQ honey glazed wings - *drooool*

  2. Jag har också fuskat lite denna vecka :P men ändå, jag tycker det går bättre än jag trodde för mig så jag är inte arg på mig själv.


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