Assignment update week 2

It's time for my second assignment update for Whiter and Lighter.

Somewhat due to the fact that Cinnamon man suddenly decided
to start drinking wine again - but mostly by my own doing -
I'm running out of wine before the date I wrote on the bag-in-box.
But I'm keeping with my tough love and have not had any wine for a few days.
The last few nights we've mostly been playing Fatal Frame II
so cooking and drinking has ended up on the back burner anyway.

I have made some observations this week:
1. It's easier to pour myself another glass when the bag-in-box is right there. Duh.
2. I firmly believe that a nice home cooked meal (especially pasta) requires
the company of a glass or two of red wine (especially if there's dessert too).
3. I drink (and eat) more when I'm bored (or sad).

Regarding my other intentions:
Substituting coke with tea, water and juice is working very well,
but we are still going through a low period, waiting for a reply from Immigrations.
Therefore the surges of creative (or cleaning) energy have been few and far between.

I would love to hear how you guys are doing!
Has April so far been a time of cleaning/cleansing/change for you?
I know a couple of you only just joined the assignment this week
- have you had time to make any changes?

**Update later same day**
My parents just came home from a trip to France
and swung by with a case of wine and 4 bottles of booze for me.
I can feel my good intentions wavering...


12 kommentarer:

  1. Jag har också insett att jag äter mycket (också det faktum att jag älskar att baka) när jag är uttråkad. Det var lätt på jobbet att inte tänka på sötsaker, men nu när jag är ledig idag så är jag ju väldigt pepp på min gömda godislåda ;P Jag tänkte göra ett uppdateringsinlägg på söndag om hur det går :D

    1. Precis! När jag är upptagen med något så är det inga problem, men att bara slötitta på tv till exempel - igår hann jag trycka i mig 3 kanelbullar innan jag förstod vad som hände...

  2. Your observation #1 is the reason why I keep fresh out of the house. The thing is too much temptation, and when it comes to fresh bread I have no self-control to speak of.

    1. Bread is your greatest temptation? Weirdo ;) How much bread must one person eat before it's considered losing all self control?

  3. Även om jag inte har sagt att jag skulle delta i whiter and lighter så har jag ändå tänkt mig för. Jag tycker att ren cola är vidrigt men ett glas med hälften cola och hälften vatten kan vara riktigt uppfriskande, så jag dricker inte mycket läsk alls. Vin är jag svag för men jag dricker inte alls lika mycket som jag tidigare har gjort, jag tycker inte om att känna mig full en hemmakväll framför tvn.
    Jag vet hur jobbigt det är att gå och vänta på besked som man inte vet hur framtiden kommer att påverkas av. Jag har märkt att det kan räcka med ett samtal så går jag ner i humörnivå, fryser och lägger mig i soffan och vill bara försvinna, sen blir jag hungrig och äter fast jag inte borde :/. Deppig o tjock :P.

    1. Usch ja, det där känner jag igen. Hoppas det börjar ljusna för dig snart!

  4. Send your parents my way! I will hold onto the case of wine for you...just to help out with your Spring Cleaning Assignment. ;-)
    Good going on decreasing soda intake! I have decreased the amount of wine/alcohol that I consume, but have not stuck to my goal of "No alcohol for April"...don't know what I was thinking when I made that up. I have been able to decrease the amount of coffee I consume, so that's good. I got glutened (food that a friend made was contaminated with crumbs and breading) last night, so I'm feeling rough this morning. Lots of green tea and water today. Have a blessed day, and think of me when you open one of the bottles from your parents.

    1. Oh no, no alcohol at all would be too tough - and boring :) We opened one of the bottles already yesterday, and it was delicious. A shipment like that always makes things harder.
      I'm sorry you are sick - feel better!

  5. Well I just had to laugh when I read about your parents gift. hahaha.
    Guess you don't need to worry about running out for awhile!

    Still hoping things go your way with immigration.
    Hugs Lynn

    1. Thank you, and yes - my parents are great! They are not really in the loop regarding my Whiter month :)

  6. What wonderful parents you have! :D

    1. They really are. Mom had also bought some special mustard and hand pressed olive oil - it was like Christmas ;)


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