Assignment update, week 1

A week has gone by since I posted my intentions for Whiter and Lighter
and today it's time for my first weekly update:

Regarding soda and wine:

I started cutting down on Coca Cola already in the last week of March
and it has actually been easier than I thought. As long as we don't have a crate of cans
sitting in the fridge I don't really think about it. I get my sugar from other sources.
I drink about two soda's a week now and that is well within the boundary I set.

Cutting back on the red wine is my greatest challenge,
and not having a glass of wine while cooking tomorrow afternoon,
- and then one or two more with dinner - that is gonna be tricky.
So, I have actually written a date on the bag-in-box in my kitchen!
If I run out before that - too bad. I am giving myself some tough love.
The upside is I already feel less bloated and have less heart burn.

Regarding doing more of what makes me happy:

During Easter we did a little road tripping and I made tons of great food;
meatballs, pies, hearing sallad, pannacotta, cupcakes...
It was a lovely couple of days, but then a low mood struck me again.
We still haven't had an answer from Immigrations, and it's taking a toll on us.
This week we've mostly spent in front of the TV or our computers.
The return of the light is also disturbing my sleep lately, making me cranky.
The fact that they have started rebuilding our neighbor's house
that burned down 6 months ago - super early in the mornings - doesn't help.
Spring also just brings with it a sense of restlessness. If only I could find a way to
harness that energy somehow, and get back to being creative.

How are you guys doing?

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This assignment runs throughout April so there's still time to join!

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please leave a comment to this post with a link back to your blog!


17 kommentarer:

  1. Good for you with the soda! As for the wine, yeah I sympathize with you. But I think you are approaching the issue smartly and sanely.

    Here's my update: http://thecuriousprofessorz.blogspot.com/2013/04/hang-on-lady-were-going-for-ride.html

    1. Thank you, I'm trying to be smart :)

  2. Oh jösses. Jag dricker mer cola än någonsin . Men svepskälet är att jag har magsjuka och är det enda jag får i mig. Men jag dricker colan utspädd med hälften vatten. Det gör jag alltid med läsk, jag tycker den blir för söt o sliskig annars. Och naturligtvis så är alkohol inget alternativ när man mår så här. Ha en fin helg

    1. Usch magsjuka :( Trevlig helg själv, och krya på dig!

  3. Good for you on the sodas! I think your wine solution is very clever and sounds like an effective approach. I'm so glad you had a good time over Easter. Kick that low mood in the butt along with the super early workers. I've been incredibly tired all the time lately, so I would be livid at the disruption of my sleep.
    Here is my first submission for the event:

    1. I thought it was very clever too, until Cinnamon man suddenly started drinking the wine too a few days ago (he has only been drinking beer for the last 6 months)... So now my box date is all messed up! ;)

  4. I never thought I'd be able to kick my Pepsi habit, but I substituted Perrier for Pepsi and because of the fizziness of the water, I found I didn't miss the soda. Every once in a while I'll buy a Pepsi, but I can hardly finish it. NEVER thought that would ever happen! So you might find in six months that you don't even want those two cans of Coke a week - and that means you can probably have a couple more glasses of wine instead, right? ;o)

    1. I do like your thinking, Ms Insomniac! :) In fact, Coke is already starting to taste sweeter than I remember. Funny how quickly one gets used to things.

  5. Kul att läsa, jag blir så peppad att sätta igång nu på måndag och skippa sockret i allt, jag ska städa skafferiet idag och plocka bort alla eventuella frestelser så jag slipper se dem varje gång jag ska laga mat, haha!

    1. Visst är det något med ljuset och våren (som nu äntligen kommit) som ger en en spark i baken? Men jag tycker det låter svårt att ta bort ALLT som innehåller socker (bröd, pasta, frukt osv). Är nyfiken på att läsa hur det går!

    2. Ja verkligen, våren är ett perfekt tillfälle att göra detta på!
      Ja jag kommer ju äta frukt, jag kommer egentligen bara ta bort alla sötsaker som läsk, choklad och godis som jag äter alldeles för mycket. Mjukt bröd går också bort, men jag äter ändå oftast knäckebröd ändå så. Pasta och ris slutade jag äta för evigheter sen för jag tycker inte ens om det, haha! :D

    3. Aha, det låter ju lite lättare (och hälsosammare) :)

    4. Ja precis, frukt tror jag inte är ett dugg bra att plocka bort ur kosten ^^

  6. My husband and cousin love to drink wine while they cook too. I can see how that would be a hard habit to change.

    1. Yeah, the best glass is the one you are sipping on while you are cutting up (and munching on) some cheese and tasting the food!

  7. I don't really drink wine. Mocha's are my thing.
    Sorry to hear your having trouble sleeping, The construction would be difficult to deal with and with the immigration looming in the background its no wonder!!!
    hope you find your mojo soon.
    Hugs Lynn

    1. Thanks Lynn! 'Mojo' is such a great word :)


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