Triple chocolate trifle

Trifle. Trifle to me was always this weird English dessert that seemed
to be made up of whatever you happened to find in your pantry and fridge
(cream/custard, cookies/old cake, booze, fruit, nuts/almonds).
Layer the stuff in a big bowl, and voilá: Strangeness.
But then chocolate themed trifles started showing up
in my google searches for yumminess, and I was intrigued.


Now, I'm off for three days, I plan a delicious meal
- and of course my camera is at the store...
So, this is an image from one of the websites that inspired my dessert yesterday,
and you can click it to get a different chocolate trifle recipe.
My end result looked a lot like this but I made up my own recipe,
inspired by what was at hand at the grocery store :)

Triple chocolate trifle with marshmallow cream
preparation 1 hour, yields 6 servings

1. Make half a batch of your favorite brownie/ kladdkake recipe
and make sure it's a little underdone. I make mine with some espresso.
Let it cool completely, put in the fridge if necessary.

2. Buy or whip up 2 or 3 servings of chocolate pudding.
(Pudding is to be preferred over mousse because it's firmer,
especially if you are making a big bowl with many layers.)
I used a mix that just needed some milk and 15 min in the fridge.

3. Melt 6-8 marshmallows in the microwave (15 seconds will do!).
 Mix in some water and 1 tsp vanilla powder/extract. Marshmallows turn
surprisingly firm when they cool down, so start with 2 tablespoons of water,
then check the melt every few minutes and add water accordingly.

4. Whip up 2 dl/ 1 cup of cream softly and add 1 tsp sugar.
Mix with marshmallow melt when cool.

5. Finely chop up some chocolate covered hard caramel candy.
I used Daim (which I think is like 'Skor' in the States),
for a perfect crunchy consistency.

6. In one big glass bowl or in 6 glasses, layer the ingredients
(preferably according to weight - cake at the bottom, cream mix on top).
Finish off with sprinkled chocolate caramel crunch, and maybe some chocolate sauce.
Store in fridge until 30-45 minutes before eating.
This dessert will keep for at least 24 h in fridge, but is best when served fresh.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Yum yum, now my tummies growling. LOL
    hugs Lynn

    1. Mine was too when I saw these recipes, but I made so much of this that we've been eating it for 3 days now... :)

  2. I love trifle but I'm almost scared to admit that I'm an “old school” trifle fan. The kind with pound cake, custard, fruit and whipped cream. And although I'm almost sure I'm going to get stoned for saying this, I'm not a chocolate fan either. But it does look delicious, Ms. Misantropia, and I'm sure my family would love it! But I'm not about to spend all that time on a dessert if I'm not going to eat it! LOL!

  3. Your trifle sounds delicious... And I say that as someone who never liked the traditional English trifle my mother used to make. When my husband and I travelled in Italy we noticed that trifle seemed very popular there, but we would laugh because they called it "English Soup". I definitely want to try out your trifle recipe! :)

    1. Haha, "soup" sounds about right I guess :)

  4. This sounds dangerous! I fear it'll be consumed in its entirety soley by the preparator... hehe.

    I shall save the recipe however, because there's still a chance I might be willing to share ;)
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, definitely dangerous. So I took precautions and made serving sized in little glasses instead of one big bowl. And that was lucky, because it really doesn't hit hard you until afterwards: Big time food coma :)

  5. Muahh farligt för en tjockis som mig men det låter fruktansvärt gott :)
    Jag har inte heller provat trifle förut


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