Little cakes

We were going to plant seeds this week, but then the snow came back.
(I'm so tired of winter I could hit something. Many somethings!)
Actually we've been about to plant seeds for several weeks now,
but crazy stormy weather has thwarted our efforts.

Since I just don't fancy dragging all that soil inside for the planting
it will have to wait another week. So yesterday I did some baking instead,
since it was my day off and I was restless.

I watched 'Masterchef' the night before, and the challenge was desserts.
The contestants had to make either trifle, tiramisu or strawberry shortcake.
Afterwards I really wanted make my own tiramisu, but the lack of Amaretto,
mascarpone and lady fingers made that somewhat impossible...

The trifle they were making (and possibly every correctly made trifle in Britain)
contained jelly. I rarely use gelatin, and I don't know many who do (in Sweden).
But suddenly I was inspired, and this was something I did have in the pantry,
for some reason. So I made little cakes instead.

I started by making large "plain" cupcakes and splitting them in two.
In my surge of experimental creativity I also made a filling
out of butter, dried coconut, almond paste and cardamom.
Yummy, yummy! On top of the spread I put my berry filled jelly,
then I topped the cakes off with whipped cream and flower sprinkles.

Learn as you go: The first batch of jelly I made was blueberry/lingon,
and I made it in a square shape. It wasn't very thought through, I admit.
 I will end up either wasting lots or with jelly the wrong shape for round cakes.
However, the jelly you see above in the actual cake I made in a cupcake
sheet instead (and it's strawberry). It was perfect - and delicious!

I am hosting an assignment in April, a kind of spring cleaning or cleansing.
Anyone and everyone who's up for a little change is welcome to join!
Click the picture for more info.


6 kommentarer:

  1. That looks positively sinful and I'm feeling extra wicked today! Yum ;-)

    1. They were absolutely sinful, and gigantic! Total food coma :)

  2. Oh man, that looks so good. The cardamom filling sounds awesome, too! We'll see how the Weight Watchers weigh-in goes today - maybe I could make some for a little treat provided I didn't gain this past week - which I suspect I did! :P

    1. Yes, that cardamom filling was a lucky experiment, and Cinnamon man loved it :)

  3. Samma här...Har också varit igång några veckor. det är hög tid att så tomater (jag har dem utomhus på sommaren) men allt skit som pågår just nu sänker mig så pass att jag inte orkar sådant som får mig att må bra.
    Jag tycker att ditt vita intiativ är så bra, alla behöver tänka till på vad de dricker. själv dricker jag mindre alkohol än vad jag någonsin gjort, jag tycker om smaken men jag vill inte bli lullig. Om jag dricker läsk så blandar jag den med vatten (det smakar faktiskt gott).
    Ha en fin helg :)

    1. Så tråkigt att det fortfarande är jobbigt för dig :( Och då är det klart att man knappt orkar ta tag i någonting. Om du vill haka på Whiter and Lighter i april (behöver ju inte gälla just alkohol) så hade det varit trevligt!


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