What I won't be wearing

Outside the snow is falling - again - and me and Cinnamon man
are both huddled under blankets, in front of our lap tops.
Cinnamon man has been nursing some kind of bug for over a week now
and If I am going anywhere this week, be it to work or on a date,
I will be doing so clothed in layers, knitwear and warm boots.

So, to continue on my 'Personal Style' line of posts (leading up to
Wednesday's Date Night post), today I will show you
what I most definitely WON'T be wearing this coming Thursday :)
These babies will have to wait for warmer weather.

 I found these beauties on the Swedish equivalent of Ebay - Tradera.
The brand is a little high end and usually too preppy for my taste,
and the heel is a ridiculous height (10 cm/ 4 inch).

But the seller asked for only a fraction of the original price
- for a completely unused pair of dark plum velvet shoes!
How could I possibly resist?

These sparklies were also a find. A shop close by was
going out of business and everything was on crazy sale,
or else I wouldn't have thought to look twice at these.

But I wore them for New Year's and every time I looked down
I felt so pretty. They had to come off after dinner though,
'cause there is no way I could actually walk in these either...

This is the only pair of high heels I have that are actually comfortable,
mostly due to the supported toe section. It makes the angle
of the foot less steep but still looks sophisticated.

I realize when writing this, that these shoes also were a find.
I had been eying them for a while through the store window.
When I finally went in they had one pair left on half price - my size.

So I guess I'm a thrifty, albeit a little shoe crazy, girl!
I don't have a purse/ bag thing like many other women,
I use my bags until they fall apart (and one actually did the other day).
But shoes and boots - especially on sale - watch out!

 What clothing item or accessory are you crazy for?


10 kommentarer:

  1. Velvet shoes - and in plum! I think I would even try to wear a heel again for those shoes!! :D

    I'm like you in that I wear the same purse until it falls apart. But I think that's because I'm too lazy to transfer everything from one bag to another all the time. I do have a definite issue with boots though. ;o)

    1. Yeah, I never use heels if I actually have to walk or stand in them for more than five minutes :) But oh boots, drool...

  2. Oh, so lovely retro heels! ^^

    I don't care much for purses either, I wear the one I have until it breaks or falls apart too, I love shoes much more. ^^

    1. Thank you! I didn't think about the being retro until you pointed it out, but I guess you're right :)

  3. Purple plum velvet heels? Oh my, what a find!
    clothing accessories; I'm crazy about boots and shoes. I'm generally crazy over clothing and books, though.
    I love purses, maybe not as much as the above, but I definitely use at least 3. I hope to increase that number!

    1. I'm mostly crazy about boots and dresses, but I'm also "generally crazy" ;)

  4. I can't wear really high heels because of my hip, but those are precious. The first one are my favorites.

    I'm crazy about bags, boots and running shorts. Yes, running shorts. There is nothing more awesome than the perfect pair of running short, so when I find something glorious I buy every color and worship them lol

    1. Running shorts? Hah :)

      I can't walk in high heels either, mostly they just sit in a row in my closet and look pretty...

  5. Jag önskar att jag kunde gå i såna eleganta skor :D men jag har gett upp det här med klack.

    1. Ja, fast jag använder dem inte när jag faktiskt behöver GÅ - de är "sittskor" ju! ;)


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