The Oscars, that strange show

The Oscars is a strange show. It's outdated but glamorous.
It's ruled by nepotism and full of back slaps and snubs,
and yet 2 billion people (totally unverified number) tune in.

I admit that I didn't watch the whole thing (because 4 hours long - holy shit,
and it was on at 4 in the morning over here) but I have caught
the "highlights" version and I've been googling the Oscars all day.
And since I have nothing better to do, here are some of my observations:

Jennifer Lawrence seems like a genuine, cool and sweet girl.
Flipping press people off, being love-mauled by relatives,
tripping on stairs and accepting the Best Lead Actress Award.
She took it all in her stride. This was definitely her night.

Seth Macfarlane has never deserved any air time, let alone to be hosting
something like the Oscars. What a smug misogynistic frat boy!
I feel that everything I'd like to say about his "jokes" is (thankfully)
already being said all over the Internet today, so I don't have to.
Now, can we please never ever hear from this guy again?

Was Amanda Seyfried stoned? Slow reaction time, paranoid glances
and a constant incredulous or disconnected look on her face.
And that was after she changed out of the dress that made her
"feel like my organs are slowly being pushed out of my body".

Norah Jones made an upbeat song boring by not once flashing a smile.
And why was she all alone on stage, couldn't they have given her some
back-up dancers? Tap dancers would have been perfect in that number.

Semi-host Kristin Chenoweth played the typical over the top American,
and was constantly joking (screeching) about how small she is.
Length wise and weight wise. Throughout the entire night.

Somehow the ever serious Daniel Day Lewis made the best joke all night
(which I guess wasn't hard when competing with Seth Macfarlane)
when he quipped about switching roles with Meryl Streep as Thatcher.

The entire cast of Les Misérables got on stage and performed.
Unfortunately Russel Crowe (and some others) still can't sing.
Unlike Adele, who performed Skyfall and who can usually
take the house down, but who was unfortunately drowned out
by the orchestra (through some faulty tv sound mixing?)

Did you catch the Oscars? What did you love and loathe about it?


12 kommentarer:

  1. Didn't have the inclination to watch the Oscars. The participants have gotten so thin, they aren't even fun to watch the clothes they're wearing.

    1. I know, it's disgusting the pressure, objectification and misogyny women in Hollywood (and everywhere else) are subjected too, where they all have to literally starve themselves and go under the knife to even be considered for a role. And where they don't dare to show up on the red carpet if they aren't a size 2. And yes, the dresses are just pieces of fabric draped over skin and bones nowadays.

      While men like Russel Crowe and Alec Baldwin - even Leonardo Dicaprio - are still getting great paying good roles no matter how many pounds they pile on, and no matter the age. They just "hook them up" with a 15 year younger actresses and presto! Look at the 4 actor wins; 2 grey haired men in their late 50's, and the two women, 23 and 31 respectively...

  2. I used to watch the show and all the nominated movies, but for the past couple of years, it doesn't interest me much anymore...I haven't even seen any of the nominated movies except for Django Unchained...and Skyfall.

    1. I watched Silver Linings yesterday, and though the portrayal of people with mental illnesses was good, the fact that a violent, scary, stalkery man gets to be the "romantic lead" doesn't really sit well with me.
      I haven't seen Lincoln yet. Django was a little silly, I watched it while I was doing something else on my computer.
      I'm keeping away from Skyfall, since I read about Bond "saving" a girl from trafficking only to immediately have sex with her and then not give a shit when she's killed. I strongly disagree with that kind of sexualization and discarding of abuse victims.

    2. Oh, he did give a shit...I mean, Bond, but yeah, they moved on pretty fast with the plot...still, I loved the movie, moreover, in my opinion, it was the best Bond movie ever...:)

      Django was absolutely silly, but I think it was meant to be silly...anyway, there was something entertaining to it. I downloaded Silver Linings already, but I haven't watched it yet...maybe next week sometime when I'm alone at home...:)

  3. I honestly didn't know the oscars were on until all the FB status' kept popping up about it. They don't really interest me in the least;I had to google nearly everyone you've mentioned. Except for Russel Crowe, Adele and Seth MacFarlane... knowledge of Adele and Seth is not completely by choice, heh.

    1. I'm a film buff so I keep up (mostly), and I very much like Adele. But I loathe Seth M. and I think Russel C. is extremely overrated (and very unattractive, but that's another matter :)).

    2. Heh, yes he is. I find him average at best. Some good movies, but a lot were just ok.

  4. I started to watch but they lost me with William Shatner. Seth McFarlane should stick to writing cartoons. Horrible show. I think Daniel Day-Lewis made a joke trying to save the show. It has been really bad for years but it is true we keep watching in hope of something great happening. I always like the speeches of the forgein film winners they are genuine, including my fellow Canadians.

    1. I was hoping that the appearance of Shatner meant they were going in a Sci-fi direction, or at least a nerdy direction, but no such luck. And yes, when Daniel Day Lewis joked you could hear the crowd's relief to be laughing at something that was funny and not offensive.

  5. I completely forgot they were on! Ooopsie! :o)

    1. It was pretty forgettable, you didn't miss out :)


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