Mockingbird lane

I never watched 'The Munsters', the show that 'Mockingbird lane' is based on.
A quick search told me it is a black and white tv show from the 60's,
so the likelihood that I will ever watch it is small. Therefore I can't
make any comparison between the two, but I can say this:
 Mockingbird lane was great dark fun and a feast for the eyes!

 I only had two concerns with the pilot:
I expected Portia's character 'Lily' to be fiercer or sultrier,
but mostly she was just a caring mother, even a little bland.
And Eddie Izzard's subtle acting, that I usually adore,
was unfortunately being hindered by a mask
making him look ancient for most of the episode.

It was difficult finding good screen-shots on-line but I think this could have been
a stellar show right up my alley, had it been given the chance.
As it looks now though, it won't get picked up :(

That does not stop anyone who has 40 minutes to spare
from enjoying the beautiful gothic/vintage interior decor
and the breathtaking dresses of the first episode though


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  1. The original Munsters I find to be more slapstick comedy. There, also, Lily was the June-Cleaver sort of Mom, only with a Goth flare. I got one of my favorite quotes from the original: Hermann: Remember, curiosity killed the bat, G'pa! G'pa: But satisfaction brought his back!
    I loved the setting of the movie re-make. The only thing about the plot was them not wanting to tell Eddie he's a werewolf. That just didn't make any sense to me.

    1. Hmm, I guess I was expecting a Morticia Addams. Greatest love story ever, Gomez and Morticia!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVe Munsters. I still watch reruns *cough, cough* sometimes. I like the setting, and wouldn't mind living in a cabin nearby ;-)

    1. I find I have no patience with old black & white shows nowadays. I would really like them to pick up this new version.

  3. Tack för länken. Intressant att se Eddie Izzard i den här rollen :)

    1. Eddie Izzard och Dylan Moran är de enda stå-upp-komiker jag klarar av. Såg du "Untied States of Tara"? Eddie var bra där med.

  4. I grew up watching that show, so 1313 Mockingbird Lane has always been my idea of the perfect dream home. I had no idea they did a remake, but I'll watch it on Youtube later today. Always up for more decorating inspiration!! ;o)

    1. I'm gonna have to google more of the original show. I'm sure the interior was great!

  5. I didn't know this had been released! Just finished watching it. not really sure how i feel about it. the original was just so campy fun and i loved the original. this kind of reminds me of the eastwick show ABC did a few years ago, trying to be like the witches of eastwich but failing short. oh well...

  6. I saw the remake ,although it was very short. I grew up watching the Munsters and Loved it!
    hugs Lynn


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