Gaming, or; How I got through this (flu) week

 Cinnamon man's Valentine's gift for me this year was the game
Alice: Madness returns and it has made this week from flu hell,
and missing out on our Valentine's date, bearable.
(I gave him the sequel to the bestseller novel The Passage by Justin Cronin
- The Twelve, a book I'm also looking forward to reading myself.)

First off; This is not a proper game review. I don't have enough experience.
I never used to play, I thought most games were boring and/ or violent.
I have sat through maybe six or seven games in my life time,
but I've never done the actual playing (I'm the backseat driver, the map reader).
And the main reason to why there's been a lot of gaming and ice cream
(and not much else) this last week is that I have been bed ridden, battling the flu.
I have the vantage point of a 35 year old feminist
so I immediately discard most games because of their blatant sexism
and objectification of women, or because of the violence between humans.
 Also, too much of anything bores me, whether it's shooting or clue searching.

 Being a horror film buff, I want a game to be ominous and thrilling
both visually and story wise. Pleasing graphics and dark undertones
are at least as important to me as game play and pacing.
And I want closure, I want there to be a big reward at the end.

Alice had all of this, and except for a slump around the second chapter
when the graphics briefly took a turn for the more boring,
and it felt like all we were doing was shooting things that wouldn't die,
we both thoroughly enjoyed this game.


When Alice was finished we started in on Amnesia: Dark descent.
We haven't gotten very far yet so I can't really offer much insight,
except to say that despite it being different from Alice in game-play
(there's no shooting, and almost no interaction with characters
or cut-scenes) it's still a psychological horror game
that is both moody and scary enough to keep my interest.

And while I'm at it, I might as well also recommend
another game in the horror genre; Fatal Frame.
This game takes more shooting skills and, as Cinnamon man
pointed out, it was hard to really care about the protagonist.
But the game was definitely both moody and scary.

Today I've been feeling well enough to do some light cleaning,
and I'm even thinking about taking a drive to get some burgers
or maybe even some wine and pizza, so I must be feeling better :)


17 kommentarer:

  1. I loved Madness Returns and the other games in your blogpost look very interesting. Maybe I'll buy one of them :D

    1. Now that I've finished Amnesia, I have to say the medieval torture theme put me off a bit. Come to think of it, Fatal Frame had a torture theme too... You have been warned! ;)

  2. To be honest, I'm really sick of this Alice - craze, and I try to avoid it as much as possible...Don't take me wrong, I don't wanna be negative here, but it seems to pop up everywhere and people go crazy about it...why? ^^

    Anyway...I prefer online, pvp games like World of Warcraft, Lineage or League of Legends, I often catch myself getting bored of pc games very fast...I've sarted millions of games, but I've never finished any...I'm constantly drooling over Assassin's Creed, but I got bored of playing it after 2 hours...

    And as for the sexism, over - sexualization and objectification of women in games...it bothers me too. Especially if the guys look all bad...:P Kidding...^^ It's wrong, and I feel somehow offended...when I saw the newest version of Lara Croft, for example...what the hell?! Anyway, I'm blabbering too much...:D

    1. I've only ever played Secret World on-line, never anything multiple player though.
      And I never was a big Alice fan, but this game has very little to do with the Alice and the Wonderland we've gotten to know through the books and movies. This is a dark and sinister game. I liked it a lot!

    2. Alright, I might give it a shot then. ^^
      Secret World is a cool game, I tried it once at a friend of mine, but it didn't interest me enough to buy it...I prefer fantasy stuff. :)

  3. I think the last online game I played was something to do with Sweeney Todd - can barely remember it, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't recommend it. I'm sort of in the mood for something new so maybe I'll try Alice.

    I loved The Passage but I haven't gotten The Twelve yet - you'll have to give us both your opinions as to whether it's worth getting or not! :o)

    1. I have no idea why your comment ended up in my junk mail, but I fixed it now!

      I too loved The Passage, and I promise to write a review of the Twelve as soon as I've finished it! Though I've read that it isn't living up to people's expectations :(

    2. Well, my comments generally are junk, so maybe Blogger is smarter than we give it credit for! :D

  4. I've only partially played the first Alice; aesthetics were neat, but I felt like it was lacking a little bit. It wasn't enough to get me excited about the second one-- but it does sound intriguing.

    I haven't played Amnesia, although I have played Fatal Frame. Once again it only got me partially interested, hehe. My favorite horror games were Silent Hill: Shattered Memory for the wii-- the concept of a learning game is really neat. You answer a psychiatrists questions and it pieces it all together to form a game that will scare you. I also liked Illbleed for the dreamcast-- reminds me of a killer b horror, though there are parts that actually gave me the willies lol. Graphics are totally outdated now... but back then it was great!

    These days I play MMO's, but not frequently anymore since they completely dumbed down WoW and added zero end game content to Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 :/
    It's a very depressing time for MMO's... just biding my time on Diablo 3 now, which is also a drag... they STILL haven't implemented pvp.

    Sorry for the rant XD

    1. I never played the first Alice, and I've only played the second Fatal Frame, so I can't offer any comparisons.

      I've stayed away from Silent Hill because of some of the themes; rape, torture, child molestation and abuse. Amnesia put me off a little because of the medieval torture theme too. I am very picky :)

  5. Åh tack för dina åsikter. Jag är nyfike på alla de här spelen :)

    1. Då rekommenderar jag framför allt Alice. Var bara beredd på en jävla massa hoppande :)

  6. Alice in her pretty dress holding a huge bloody knife will always get a girl in the mood ;-)

  7. I generally fail big-time at video games of any sort as the more I get into them, the more I forget which right/left & lose *quickly*! However, Alice looks interesting enough for me to watch it go for a little bit.

  8. The Alice game looks brilliant. Is it a sequel? Do you think I'll need to play the first one or is it fairly easy to pick up what's going on?

    1. I haven't played the first one and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. Since the first Alice is more than 10 years old I think the makers of this one weren't counting on people having played the first one.


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