DIY Firestarters - The Bewitching Home blog party

I know I said I was gonna unveil my new kitchen in this post
(thankfully I didn't mention it to many people...)
but it is just not possible. The kitchen renovations are basically
at a standstill at the moment. A lack of power tools, normal tools
and just personal energy has forced me to postpone the 'inauguration'.

I have spent my time off the last few freezing cold weeks
under the covers with my nose in a book (or three).
And I've been catching up on some much needed nuzzling.

I will share an easy little craft with you: DIY Firestarters.
I mentioned these to a fellow blogger a few months ago
and we both agreed that fire rocks :)

I'm sure some of you have seen these before.
From searching on-line I have come to understand
that any kind of lint/cotton wad/pads + melted wax will do.
But since I had some wood chips and carton lying around
(and was low on lint) I threw them in there as well.

These are easily the ugliest... well, anything I have ever made.
Also, if there are persons in the household with long hair
you might wanna check the lint before use...
But they sure do burn like they should!
I did a test run and it burned for at least 10 minutes.

Thank you to the Witch of Howling Creek for hosting
a much needed pick-me-up party in the dead of winter!
Be sure to visit the other participants as well
and have a great weekend (and Imbolc for those who celebrate it)!


10 kommentarer:

  1. Ten minutes is a good long time to get everything else engaged. Now I want out go out and build a fire!

    1. I have that feeling quite often :)

  2. There will be time for the bit kitchen reveal... I love, love, love this. Are they very smoky? We don't have a fireplace ;-( So I was wondering if I could have them in the house in some kind of makeshift rack inside the house. I would probably try it anyway lol. We have a front room with concrete floor and many windows, maybe I will light them there...

    And I don't think they are ugly.

    1. No, they aren't very smoky. I would say it's about the same as lighting a candelabra with 5 or 6 candles. They do drip a little though, and (this goes without saying) you need to put them on something fire proof.

  3. Sometimes there is a certain beauty in utilitarian ugliness... :P Thanks for participating in the Bewitching Home!

  4. Wow, I never thought about making fire starters myself, but you make it seem really easy! Unfortunately, my mum moved out of her house with the open fire place. So I have no chance to try this myself now... -.-


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