Date Night + Love what you do

 Today I'm killing two birds with one post.

I'm sitting in bed, sneezing like a mad woman
and shaking and sweating alternately.
Yup, I have finally caught what Cinnamon man
has already been dealing with for over a week,
and Date Night tomorrow is canceled :(

 However, that doesn't stop me from joining Professor Z
and showing you what I probably would have worn, had I been well.
I am way too tired to dress up, so hanger style will have to do.

This is the dress I wore for New Year's. It's got a straighter 20's look
than most of my other clothes (which can be an issue for a woman
with a small waist but large thighs, like me) but I love all the lace detailing.

 Here are some of my boots (yes, some. I have a much larger collection...).
I would likely wear the tallest pair for a date in this kind of weather.

And these are my purses, that unfortunately almost never get an airing.
(I have one huge bag that I tow around everywhere I go.)
The bottom one is my favorite, a silk velvet Art Déco style purse
that Cinnamon got for me last Christmas.
The top one I inherited from my grandmother a few years ago.
It is a beaded purse from the 50's or 60's, a vintage beauty.

 Ok, onto the next one!

This month Trystan at CorpGoth wants us to describe and show
what it is we love about our vocation, what keeps us hanging on.

What I love most about my job are three things:

1. This is when I get up in the morning:

(I know, it's frickin' GREAT.)

2. I'm my own boss and I have no colleagues.
I have issues with authority figures and I can't function
properly with people around me all the time.
I call it being 'skinless'; Everything anyone says,
does - and even feels sometimes - goes straight into me.
It's exhausting, so working alone is perfect for me.

3. I'm the boss (did I mention that already?).
That means I can wear what I want, eat lunch when I want
(though it has to be between customers), set my own hours,
stock and sell what I like, decorate the store
however I want, clean as seldom as I want... :)

 So, what are you guys doing for Valentine's,
and what do you love about your jobs?
Visit this month's blog hopping hosts and join in the fun!


19 kommentarer:

  1. Thankks for the recipe, I guess they will turn up on my blog soon! I also have to admit I'm a bit jelous on your shoe collection... The ones on the far left and the flowery Doc Martens are my favourites!

    1. Yes, those Doc's have a special place in my heart :)

  2. How excellent to be your own boss! Setting your own schedule is so nice. Also, I want your boots :) Thanks for sharing your status report.

    1. Thank you for hosting in this the coldest and most boring time of year!

  3. Nämen fasen nu blev jag avis! Vad jobbar du med?
    Jag har också problem med auktoriteter (mm skrev något om mitt jobb man suddade ut...) Jag har gått i många år och funderat på att bli min egen. Problemet är att jag är så spretig, jag tycker ju om att pilla med allt!
    Åh det är så fint med lila band på skorna <3

    1. Jag har en liten life-style butik :)

    2. Nu blev jag ännu mer nyfiken :D.
      Ja det kanske är en sådan man skulle ha när man är så spretig som jag, lite möbler, kläder ditten o datten. Har du någon hemsida till din butik?

  4. Hope you are kicking the bug's butt. If not, just put on a pair of combat boots and feel good and beautiful ;-)

    1. We just came back from a short trip to the pharmacy and the candy shop, so now the butt kicking will begin!

  5. LOVE those Docs with the pink flowers!

    Wear what you like, sell what you like, decorate how you like, eat when you like ... wow, what does sound perfect! :o)

    Hope you feel better soon! Too bad you had to cancel Date Night!

    1. Yes, it woud be the dream - if I could only make a living off it... :)

    2. I hear ya! I've always envied people who seem to be able to make a decent living off what they love, but unfortunately I've never been one of them!

  6. Aw, I am so sorry that you guys are down with the flu! :( No fun at all ... BUT at least you are quarantined together! I hope you get a "date night do over" very soon!

    I love the dress ... and those boots! What an awesome collection!

  7. You're the boss...! :P

    I'm sorry to hear you're ill!I hope you both will get better soon and make up for the cancelled date night! ^^

    That dress is cute, and so are the embroidered boots! ;)

    1. Thank you, we are making up for it with ice cream and video games :)

  8. Oj, om man ändå hade en sådan samling snygga kängor :D
    Och nu blev jag väldigt nyfiken på vad du jobbar med egentligen, haha!?

    Krya på dig!

    1. Jag har en liten life-style butik :)



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