Comfort movies

So, here's the thing; I keep most of my posts pretty impersonal,
but there is a lot of stuff going on in my life right now,
and I just feel like I could use some comfort.

I lost my best friend to cancer a couple of years ago.
I don't talk about it much, I've even stopped thinking about it too often.
Then yesterday, her dad came in to my store. I haven't seen him for years.
We hugged, talked a bit awkwardly, then he bought a candle and left.

It reminded me of how much I have left behind,
of how much I have had to leave behind, to start over.
 So tonight, I'm thinking about comfort. In movies, to be precise.

These are my top 3 comfort movies (in no particular order),
and they are all kind of bitter sweet.
They deal with loss, differences, misunderstandings and forced change
- but also with love, realizations and that (illusive) sense of rest, of peace at last.

What is your comfort movie? If you're home alone a particularly cold
and maybe - lonely - night (with some ice cream or chips at hand),
what movie would you like to put on?

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  1. Oh, Practical Magic and Chocolat! Two of my absolute favorites!!! I tend to turn towards Amélie and Mona Lisa Smile for that kind of comfort. There's something utterly and heartbreakingly beautiful about Amélie -- just the way it was filmed and produced sends chills up my spine. And Mona Lisa Smile really hits an academic nerve. Like Julia Roberts' character, I'm the odd scholar out in my field. I'm awkward and weird and don't really fit in. I also come from a public university rather than a private one, so I tend to get maligned by many in the field. *shrug*

    (((HUGS))) to you darling.

    1. Hah, we're exactly alike in this! I love all three of those to death; Amelie, Practical Magice and Chocolat!
      Mona Lisa's Smile is really great, too, but I always stick to the top three.

    2. Amélie is a beautiful movie, but it's not really working as comfort for me, since it's too much unreal whimsy, and I can't identify with the childish lead.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down. Losing a close friend would be awful. I think there's something in the stars at the moment, churning things up and bringing raw emotions to the surface. I've been feeling kind of crappy this week too.

    I haven't seen 'Sweet November', but 'Practical Magic' and 'Chocolat' are lovely! I don't really have a specific "comfort" movie, but any of my favourite movies ('Coraline', 'Beetlejuice', 'Bell, Book & Candle', etc.) bring me a kind of comfort because they always inspire me, and make me feel creative and positive. I hope you'll be feeling happier soon! ❤

    1. Yeah, what is going on with things right now?

      Coraline was a little dark, but cool. It's been many many years since I saw Beetlejuice though, can't really remember. Never saw Bell, Book & Candle - sounds intruguing!

  3. I have to say that I seriously LOVE how your blog is styled! Like amazingtastic. Love the banner and the quote at the top, and your Tim Burton-esque girl on the side :D loves, loves, loves!

    That's horrible to lose a friend. Well, horrible to lose anyone really. There's not a whole lot that can make that better. I hate when things from the past come lurching back and catch you off guard too, that's never a nice feeling.

    I've never seen Sweet November, or heard of it - going to check it out.

    My favorite comfort movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think just because I've watched it so many times. I know all the songs. I love the story and the characters; I sing along. It draws me in and doesn't let go.

    I hope that something unexpected comes to you and cheers you up instead of dredging up something from the past that's unpleasant. <3

    1. Thank you, that's very sweet!

      I know, hate when things just suddenly bubble up and catch you off guard :(

      I really like the remake soundtrack with songs from T.N.B.C.!

  4. Your picks are pretty good standing for comfort movies. Aside from the movies the Professor has suggested, you might also be interested in Mic Mac, and My Sassy Girl (Korean original, not American remade).

    My condolences with the loss of your best friend; I lost my best friend several years ago as well, but the circumstances were much different. I eventually made my peace, and some day I hope you will make yours. =)

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your loss :(

      I can't find anything about Mic Mac..? But that Korean movie is going on my list, thanks!

    2. Oh, oops-- that is because it's missing an 'S'
      It's Micmacs, heh. It's a french movie by the same people who did Amelie.

  5. Jag har inte sett Sweet November så den ska jag kolla upp. ^^
    Jag brukar titta på Enchanted för att pigga upp mig själv, den är verkligen min må bra film!

    Vad ledsamt att du förlorade din vän, cancer är verkligen skit!

    1. Jag gillar också Enchanted, den är rolig :)

  6. I think my all-time favourite comfort movie is Love, Actually. Probably because it's something my daughter and I used to watch together all the time.

    I lost a dear friend to cancer a few years ago, too. It sucks. Feel better. :o)

    1. Yeah, sucks big time :( Thank you.

  7. I'm sorry for your friend! My dad died two years ago and I'm still not even halfway over it, and as the anniversary is coming up, I've been thinking of him more often...I've also had times I needed comfort, but usually I 'comfort' myself by saddening myself even more, so I can actually let it all out...I don't really have comfort movies, mostly I just watch some Disney, or animation movies, like UP! or Wall-e...yeah, it might sound irrelevant, I know! ^^ Other than that, I watch dramas...or The Crow, yes, that's a typical choice of mine...^^

    Anyway, I hope you feel a bit better! *hugs*

    1. It's been ages since I watched The Crow, but you turned me on to it now! And I would totally call Disney/Pixar-movies comfort movies.

      I'm sorry about your father. I hope it starts getting easier for you soon.

  8. I've lost many friends and family..That feeling doesn't go away, It does change. This year it will be 40 years for my dad. I still can't believe it. I am so sorry for your loss.

    My comfort movie is Chocolat, and it's been on cable for the last two weeks.


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