Blog etiquette

Ok, this might be my pettiest entry yet.

There are many great bloggers out there.
People who give of themselves, who care about their followers
and who take the time to cultivate friendships over the net.
I'm not pretending to be the kind of blogger who answers every comment,
but although I might not always comment, I ALWAYS visit every link back/
commenter's site. If a commenter has written anything on their own blog
that I can relate to in the last 3 or 4 posts - I comment.
I think this is just common blogger decency. 

Sometimes you can't find anything on someone's blog to relate to.
Sometimes life gets in the way, I know. And sometimes the sheer number
of readers and/or popularity forces the blog into celebrity land.
Some bloggers have 2000 followers and 100 comments to any given post.
In these cases I would never expect to get neither a reply nor a comment back.

But this is not the norm. The norm is a blogger with around 100-200 followers
who gets 10 comments - tops - on any given post. And this is where I get picky.
If I have commented on someone's site more than 6-8 times,
and only ever gotten a 'reply' to one of my comments,
but never actually gotten any comment or visit to my own blog
- then I will stop visiting them, or at least certainly stop commenting on their posts.

And with many bloggers just borrowing images on-line
and re-blogging them under some random "theme"
or making a habit out of re-blogging articles someone else has written
- how are they entitled to recieving all these comments
without ever caring to comment back?

Alright, I'm done ranting.


17 kommentarer:

  1. HUZZAH! I absolutely 100% agree. I know it takes me forever to answer comments these days and sometimes I just can't visit all my friends' blogs -- but I try. I'm eyeball deep in dissertation writing and I'm taking care of my Mom, but I try to keep up with everyone and everything.


    1. This is a prime example of life getting in the way sometimes. And you keep your readers informed of that, and share a lot of yourself in your posts. And I never meant that one has to comment on a fellow blogger's every post!

    2. It's funny, no matter how much I try to have a "focus" in my blog -- like fashion -- I always revert back to the way I blogged when I only had a handful of readers years and years ago. That is, I always revert back to being a crazy, eclectic mishmash of goodness. HA! I get bored easily and I use my blog as a brain dump. *snicker* One day I'm rambling on about my work, the next day I'm gardening, the following week I'll be baking up a storm. :) Chaos keeps me sane.

      I usually comment on posts that move me or I find interesting and cool ... or are just plain awesome. Know what I mean? And I'm usually late in doing so because I like to mull over my comment for I post it. :)

  2. Commenting - to show you some love. I think you've pretty much characterized it right.

    1. Thank you, blog lovin' always feels great :)

  3. Jag känner samma sak faktiskt, ibland har jag hittat bloggare som verkar supertrevliga och har intressanta bloggar, men om jag kommenterar ofta och aldrig nånsin får en kommentar tillbaka trots att bloggaren inte har speciellt många läsare, då tröttnar man faktiskt på att kommentera den personens blogg..

    1. Ja, och det är ju synd egentligen. Men får man aldrig något tillbaka så försvinner faktiskt tillslut tjusningen.

  4. Hahh, although I haven't had much time and energy to read and comment every post last week - let alone writing one -, I absolutely agree. Besides that I love meeting new people via blogs, I like to receive and leave comments, because I think it's important to give each other feedback, show our appreciation and to motivate each other to keep blogging...^^ Sometimes I just can't make it, but I'm triing...^^

    1. Yes, feedback is important. But I don't mean that one has to comment on someone's every post, just showing some blog love every now and again.

  5. I completely agree with you - I've dropped more than a few blogs off my regular reading list after there's been nothing in the way of interest shown in mine. Although you're much more generous than I am - I usually drop them after 3-4 times. :D

    I feel as though I've been remiss lately in commenting on the blogs I follow regularly, but I hope that everyone knows it's not because of a lack of interest on my part, but simply a lack of time. :o)

    1. It is a little sad, but someone's blog will have to be a carnival of inspiration to keep me reading in spite of never getting anything back.

      But I didn't write this to make anyone feel bad, certainly not my most common commenters (which is a little ironic, cause they are of course the people reading this...)

  6. I follow numerous blogs that neither visit or comment mine, and I don't really think twice about it because I love the content.

    it's true, etiquette should be taken into account, but (and I'm just playing devil's advocate) you shouldn't feel obligated to comment just because that person comes by.
    I strongly feel that if you have something to say about the post, then comment. I'd personally prefer a good discussion-type comment, than the usual "that's nice, good job" stuff. It's a lot more rewarding, I think. It also creates a stronger bond between the bloggers.

    However, I am a person of etiquette so *I* try and reply when someone comments more than once. I also answer all the comments I receive, and *always* visit a blog of a new reader eheh...

    It all comes out in the wash, anyways-- you attract the people you want reading your content by the way you conduct yourself. =}

    1. I understand what you mean, but even though I do follow and regularly visit a few that never visit me, people who never comment back won't leave very much of an impression with me.

      A blog friend (someone I exchange comments with now and again, even if it's just a short: "Love your hair!" type of thing) is way more interesting and important to me, weather their posts regularly hold great knowledge and/or inspiration or not.

  7. Vilket bra inlägg :)
    De flesta bloggar jag följer har ett innehåll som intresserar mig, jag skriver ofta något om jag orkar eller har något att säga. Om de sen besöker min blogg och kommenterar där och kanske till och med följer mig blir jag glad.
    Jag är ju ingen "fashion bloggare" och tycker inte om att se mig själv på bild så jag kan tänka mig att de som vill se outfits inte läser min blogg (förresten hur intressant är det att se en gammal morsa på bild;) ).
    Hur tycker du man ska göra när man ska svara en kommentar? Ibland svarar jag direkt under kommentaren som är skriven och ibland svarar jag på läsarens egen blogg, vad tycker du är bäst?

    1. Jag tror faktiskt det är många som vill se "gamla (goth-) morsor" på bild! Alla behöver vi en motvikt till den konstant retuscherade och objektifierande bilden av kvinnan i media.

      Jag svarar alltid under kommentaren på min egen blogg, det kan bli förvirrande annars. Visst kommer vissa missa svaret, men om det är viktigt för dem så vet var de ska leta :)

  8. Sometimes I read people's blogs and feel a little silly commenting on things I know nothing about. Hehehe!I really do enjoy bloggers who interact with their readers. =)

  9. SING IT SISTER!! most don't follow the blog etiquette ...so sad
    Pabkins @ My Shelf Confessions


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