Beautiful furniture

Thanks to Lesthi I found this wonderful furniture web-shop:
I could redecorate my home entirely with things from this place!


4 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice and helpful information has been given in this article. I like the way you explain the things. Keep posting. Thanks.. Modular Office Furniture Mumbai

  2. Oh, you are breaking my heart...this site is fabulous!

    We are renting a furnished apartment because it was much simpler, than moving all our furniture and buy new ones to fill the whole apartment, but I wish I could afford some new stuff...! The furniture that came with the flat is old, and ugly, the bed is terribly small...but right now, we have to settle with this...:/

  3. Fabulous and Broke! I like how they mix the bright colours with the black! :D

  4. Alldeles underbart brackiga möbler :)


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