The walls are cracking

Yesterday I lingered in the kitchen after lunch, imagining and
dreaming about what it could look like when I finally
get my ass out of the wagon (Swedish saying) and start renovating.

My eyes found the great patch on one of the walls, half a foot below
the ceiling, where the old paint started coming off last year.
Then they started tracing the ugly tiled back-splash behind the stove
- but then (I imagine) my eyes turned to narrow slits.
What was that? I looked closer.

Yes, I was right - there was a crack tracing the top of the tiles,
the whole way, almost 2 meters. I stepped closer and put two fingers
on the top of the tiles at the end of the row, by the window.
And then I - ever so gently - half pushed, half pulled.
I jerked my hand away. I had just pulled loose a square foot of tiled wall.
The only thing keeping it upright was the wooden molding at the base. 

Now, I'm not usually the silver lining kinda girl,
but since I hate those tiles I am turning this around to something good.
Taking down tiles have always seemed like such a huge job,
I was so happy when I found out tiles could be repainted.

So, imagine my surprise when I realized that I can probably just
lift out the entire tiled part of the kitchen wall and replace it
with whatever back-splash I want! Screw the shotty craftsmanship
- think of the possibilities!

Of course, our options are somewhat limited. Glass, I found out
rather quickly, is very expensive. Stainless steel is just too
modern for our country kitchen, and tiles are out of the question.

But I have been looking for ways to integrate more chalk board/
blackboard parts into the kitchen, and this might be the answer.
I have found some great inspiring pictures on-line, and of all
of the solutions, painting is by far the cheapest.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Chalkboard would be nice. I, also, like beadboard. I'm not any good at laying my own tile. I keep seeing individual tiles just the slightest bit off-angle & it drives me nuts trying to get it right! If your area is small enough, you *might* be able to get away with discounted 'scrap' amounts of glass/tile.

  2. Ooooh, a project! I'm excited for you!! That second photo is adorable, with the cupboard skirt... :o)

  3. Chalkboards would be great, and fun, I'd totally go for it, however I have no idea of the costs...I like tiles too, I imagine an open kitchen with white walls and vintage - print tiles...if ever...^^

  4. I like the idea of chalkboard. Cheap and useful, not to mention that every time you erase will be cleaning the kitchen ;-)

  5. Such an opportunity! And I love all of the pictures of 'sample' kitchens you're considering. Go for it! -- Jan


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