Moody - part 2

Tomorrow I'm off and I will finally be able to get back to
the kitchen renovations. We have been waiting on this
heavy duty drill that my friend has now lent us, because we need to
drill through a thick wall to be able to get lighting over the sink.
We also need it to reattach the fan through
the new backsplash, back into the wall over the stove.

While the kitchen has had a rest of course I have started
thinking about ways to change other things around the house...
Most of all, I would like our bedroom to be a little darker.
Right now the walls are a very light grayish purple.
Sometimes they look white. You can imagine how that makes me feel... ;)

It was fun to read about you guys' interior style, thanks for sharing!
I just joined Pinterest and I'm reveling in all the inspiration.
So while I'm waiting for this day to end (2 days before payday = dead calm)
I'm sharing some more moody interiors with you.


13 kommentarer:

  1. 4th from end - I'd love to learn how to paint my walls like that, so it looks like many layers of old peeling paint!

    3rd from end - always wanted a fireplace in the bedroom ... sigh.

    So many ideas, so few funds! :o)

    1. Oh yes, to me these peeling walls feel like New Orleans or Savannah. Damp houses where layers of old paint is coming off. I have never heard of anyone attempting to mimic this though - is it a "thing"?
      I would love a fire place in every room, love them!

    2. No, I don't think it's a “thing”. At least judging from the look the guy at the paint store gave me when I took in a picture of a wall like that and asked how I could recreate it! :D

  2. Svar
    1. Rocking chairs are just thrown away in Sweden, it's a shame.

  3. Lovely photos, especially the 6th one...that ceiling is amazing! And
    I could murder for one of those rocking chairs...! :D

  4. Åh vilka vackra bilder! Vilka sökord använder du?

    1. Du hittar min Pinterest-sida och Weheartit-sida här i högerspalten, där har jag många fler bilder :) Annars söker jag på "Moody" under Boards på Pinterest, men det tar sin lilla tid att gå igenom all för att hitta de som fokuserar på inredning...

  5. From TN to Sweden! Wow! Post some pics sometimes of Sweden, would love to see some. Following you now on Pininterest, I'm there too with enough Halloween crap I am sure you will find something you like!

    1. Wow, your Halloween collection on Pinterest is HUGE! Gotta check it out right now:)

  6. I'm Dutch and I just discovered "moody" as well, which led me to your webpage. And for those who want the peeling, distressed wall look: you can actually get photo wallpaper that looks like that. You will be lacking the actual texture, but it is a great compromise for those who rent.


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