Kitchen renovation, step 3

Alright, I have conquered my cynicism, thrown caution to the wind,
and finished The Great Experiment that is painting tiles!
(If you want to see what they looked like before, here's the entry.)

Cinnamon man removed the shelves over the sink,
and I started by scrubbing the tiles with paint cleaner and a solvent.
I sanded them a little, though I'm not sure that made any difference.
 I put on a coat of (wood) primer, let that dry for 24 h,
and then I painted the tiles twice with a solvent based paint.

I know that some people recommend using an extra adhesive primer,
and some recommend using special paint for wet areas,
but I'm just using what we have at home, and wishing for the best.
 Though, the fact that that particular wall didn't get a once over when I moved in
is suddenly very visible, so we might have to get some wall paint after all...

I had been thinking purple tiles this whole time, but then a couple of days ago
I realized all the work taping over, and painting in between the grout would be.
Also, I don't have any purple paint lying around, weirdly enough :)
So ironically, considering my last post, we will keep the tiles and wall white for now. 
(Though I did put up some tile decorations in the meantime, because all white - blah.)

I want to fit more black into my kitchen, and the blackboard backsplash
is being primed as I write this. It will cover the whole flaking, rugged looking
wall behind the fan, but it needs two or three coats of blackboard paint
before it's ready for use, and first we need to dismantle and refit the fan.

 In the mean time, after 3 coats of wax, the counter top is ready for use again.
I've been craving homemade food. We've eaten so much junk food since
I started in on the kitchen. Starting today, I'm off for a week, and it's gonna be
dedicated to good homemade food, wine and more renovations.

So far, so good. But I know the real work isn't beginning until
we take on sanding and painting the cabinets and shelves...
If not before, I have a mental dead line for The Bewitching Home blog Party, 
February 2nd. I would love to show off my "new" kitchen then!


10 kommentarer:

  1. Will you be switching our the hardware on your cupboards, as part of the updating?

    1. No, the country style hardware stays - for financial reasons as well as; I actually like the dark iron hardware. I like the simple old school look for the kitchen.

  2. What, no purple paint on hand? ;o)

    I like the white tiles and the design on the purple accent tiles is very pretty. It's going to look fantastic when you finish painting the cupboards! You should be really proud of yourself; you've done an amazing job so far without spending hardly any money - which is awesome! Looking forward to seeing the final outcome during the Bewitching Home Blog Party!! :D

    1. Thank you for the support!
      But yes, I was also surprised there was no left over purple paint :)

  3. Oh my vad fint med lila på kaklet verkligen!

    1. Tackar, men vi får se hur länge jag orkar med det vita :)

  4. Looking good so far.
    can I give you some advice?
    My day job is a Faux painter muralist and I have done more kitchen cabinets than I'd like to admit.
    The thing is you don't have to sand the cabinets t all if your planning on painting then. You can use a deglosser and a sanding block to scuff up the surface. I often use TSP in water, just be sure and rinse really well (3 times) then a coat of primer and your ready to paint. They look Fantastic just ask my customers. I can do an entire kitchen in about 3 to 4 days depending on how big it is. Good luck.
    hugs Lynn

    1. That's great and encouraging advice Lynn! Anything to cut corners on money and work time :)

  5. Look at you go! I folded some laundry today ;-( I'm a still a bit under the weather. Ha! Jacob just saw me type this and told me to stop being so jealous lol

    1. Well, I did take this week off partly to work on the kitchen. It would be really bad if this week came to an end without getting anywhere...


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