Kitchen renovation, step 1

I feel I should warn you guys; This blog is probably gonna be
very kitchen-renovation-heavy for the next few weeks (months..?).
I have finally embarked on a journey 5 years in the making!

This is what our ugly kitchen looks like:


You wouldn't believe it, but that oven was just standing freely on top
of the work space when I moved in...

 I have hated those medium dark, yellowing wooden cabinets and shelves,
and that dirty looking counter top, since I moved in 5 years ago...
"Not" to mention those 80's-looking tiles. Again. Eeuuw.

When I moved in, I had a new sink and dish washer put in.
The super heavy iron cast, wood fired stove (I'm not kidding!)
was taken out to make space for the micro wave.

A new floor was put in, and I painted the walls white.
But there was a lot to be done in this old cottage,
and I didn't use the kitchen much, so the rest just had to wait.

But, like I've mentioned before, since Cinnamon man moved in
and we became a family (us and the cats) I spend much more time
in the kitchen, cooking and baking. And I want it to be pretty!

So, here is my plan for my new kitchen:

1. Tear down the tiles behind stove, and replace them
with a blackboard backsplash
(possibly a board covering that entire part of the wall.)

2. Stain and wax the counter top dark brown, matching the floor.

3. Paint the tiles behind the sink.

4. Paint shelves, cabinets and kick-plates gray
(and possibly paint the ceiling white as well).

5. Put up some good lighting over the sink,
and add some more storage space/shelves.

So, the other night I just came home and started tearing at the tiles.
It took less than 10 minutes, and they were gone.
I don't know what the previous owners were thinking,
since the old painted wall is almost intact behind the tiles...
I wish it was as easy on the sink side, but alas.

Tonight we went to Bauhaus (kinda like Home Depot)
and got all the stuff we need for the counter top and the backsplash.
Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm all set!

Oh, and I found another great DIY community blog, Curbly.com
with a very inspiring kitchen makeover section:


5 kommentarer:

  1. Well, you make me feel renovation-lazy. I've been writing like an insane person these days, and poor Jacob has been repairing and renovating all on his own. In my defense, he has made me promised to stay away from the back (the workshop area) I have the feeling that he is building me an office in one of the back rooms, but I'm not peeking.

    Okay, tomorrow, I will do something with the kitchen. To celebrate you ;-)

  2. Åh, jag hade varit jättelycklig om jag hade haft en vedspis. I mitt förra hem var vedspisen mitt favvoställe. Vintertid värmde vi köket o lagade mat på den o en stå kaffe kopp lutad mot den var lyx. Det ska bli spännande att se vad du gör med köket, det har alla förutsättningar att bli bra. :-)

  3. Magaly: If you consider I've done almost nothing to the kitchen for 5 years, I'm sure you'll cut yourself some slack.
    And; You gotta love a handy man! I always say, very old fashionably, that the secret ingredient in my cooking is love. And everything I make, I make with love. If not, it will show, and just look shitty.

    Linnea: Jag tyckte att vedspisen vad rolig i ungefär 1 vecka, sedan började jag undra vad jag skulle med den till - precis under vasken liksom? Vi har en kamin i vardagsrummet, och när man bor i Skåne är kylan inte samma problem som där du bor :)
    Men om du har vägarna förbi en dag så står vedspisen i ytterförrådet ;)

  4. Ska verkligen bli kul att se resultatet :D Jag älskar att följa renoveringar!

  5. A promising start! Can't wait to see what you've picked out:) Good luck.


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