I am moody

After years in the interior design business I finally have a word
that describes my interior design style: Moody.
I don't know how contemporary this word actually is,
so English speaking readers might think it's strange I didn't know
about this word before. But in Sweden we have no such word or style.
We would probably just call it 'dark'. But that definition is lacking.

I have always felt like I had a strong personal style,
but trying to find a label I suddenly seemed crushingly scattered.
I am not quite Victorian (or goth) enough to fit under the Gothic label.
I have never been light, girly and romantic enough for Shabby chic.
Never rustic craftsy and nature-y enough for what counts as Bohemian.
Not really exotic and bright colors-y enough for the Indian/Moroccan style.
Obviously neither wealthy or upper classy enough for the Classic interior style.
And lastly, not as artsy - and kind of all over the place -
as I have come to think of the Eclectic style.

It has bothered me, not being able to put my finger on exactly
what my preferens is, and not knowing what to google.
 But then last night, a word fluttered by on my screen.
And today, I'm happy to say, it is the word I have been looking for.
I am Moody. YES I AM.

Looking at these pictures now, it is obvious that ones interior style
could tell others something about how one dresses,
how one likes to spend ones time - even how someone feels...

 So, I'm curious:
Do you feel that you have a personal interior design style?
Do you think it reflects your life and who you are?


17 kommentarer:

  1. This fabric is my bedroom: Alexander Henry Halloween Fabric Bell Knobs and Broomsticks 1998 . In my kitchen I prefer beadboard, & the red/cream colours found in Starbucks mugs. But, above all, I want the colours Scary Godmother has in her living & kitchen! I guess that I'm the lighter side of Moody.

    1. Wow, do you have Halloween fabric up all year 'round? That's hard core :) Can you believe it, I still haven't seen or read any Scary Godmother...

  2. I wonder if there is a design style for those of us who like to bring the outside inside. Fossils, hornets nests, twisted tree branches, dried seeds, old wooden things...

    Along with more traditional thinks like Celtic knotwork deigns on fabric and wood, old apothecary jars and Victorian silver pieces, intricately carved leather boxes and books and loads of crinkly paper collections,and candles.

    I think I might fall into the Moody/Eclectic design style or the Moody/Frightening woman who lives next door style...:-)

    1. Bringing nature and/or dead stuff inside is what we all used to do, but now I guess it would be considered a little 'witchy'... Maybe your style is 'Decay'? :) Though moody frightening sounds lovely too!

  3. Hmm..kul tanke. Min stil och hur jag vill ha min inredning påminner ju definitivt om varandra men som person är jag kanske inte så som folk tror när de ser mina kläder :)
    Min mammas vänner brukade alltid fråga om jag längtar efter att dö när de såg min döskallar och svarta väggar i tonåren, men det har ju aldrig handlat om det för mig utan jag tycker helt enkelt mörka färger och goth-relaterade saker är vackra. ^^

    1. Ja, det är väl en klassiker för goth-barn. Det anses inte naturligt att omge sig med så många referenser om döden. Men jag tycker inte det känns speciellt naturligt att aldrig nämna eller referera till den heller.

  4. I like every single one of those pictures you've shown, so I guess I'm Moody, too!

    But I also love taxidermy, tarnished silver, dark stained ornately carved Victorian furniture, deep colours and tons of different mismatched patterns for the carpets and upholstery. So a little towards the Victorian/Gothic side too, I guess.

    Like Seeing Things, I'd like to be the Scary Little Old Lady whose house the children are frightened to visit on Hallowe'en night! Mwahahaha!

    1. Yes, the world needs more scary old ladies! Seems there were more of them back in the day..?
      I realized that I also have a more cluttered style than is shown in these images. I guess I just don't notice anymore :)

  5. Moody is a good one! ^^ I also like gloomy interiors, but I like pure white walls as well. I guess, pure is the keyword, nothing messy, cheesy, too colorful...or something very colorful, like the Marocan style...I guess, if I'd have 5 rooms in mt home, all 5 would look different. ^^

    1. I totally know how you feel, I also wanted to make my 5 rooms all different. But that just wouldn't have been as pretty as it sounds :)

  6. Yes, I do think that one's decorating choices say a lot about a person. For me and Ed: it's a cross between a fall day in a pumpkin patch right before Halloween, with a smathering of child-like whimsy, and a good dose of bookworm-ness. HA! I like being eclectic, fun, outdoorsy and whimsical.

    And BTW, I got the stockings! Boy are they awesome! Thanks so much darling!

    1. Yes, I those bold orange-yellow walls of yours are definitely fun and unusual!

  7. I have a hard time describing my style too. kind of a cross between country/western/nature/Italian. Yep I'm eclectic myself. LOl but it suits me.
    hugs Lynn

    1. Sounds like you have one of those large inviting southern country homes :)

  8. I definitely think that our homes tell a whole lot about ourselves. For instance, if you walk around my house you'll find tiny writing stations and altars and reading stations... and my decoration is extremely eclectic. If you find a few things that match, be sure that it was a lucky accident. I'm a bit of a collector of everything people give me lol

    P. S. I LOVE that last bedroom ;-)

    1. Collector is such a nice word. Much better than hoarder :)


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