Fun with black paint

Today I have been just as moderately active as I would
expect myself to be on a day off, while the kitchen is still a mess.
I gave the big blackboard backsplash a good coat, I had some wine,
I made a terrible pancake (yes, just one, because after trying that one
I threw the rest out) - and then I made some easy DIY projects.

There is no reason to let that blackboard paint go to waste,
so I made little blackboards for my two eldest nieces.
I added the flowers years ago and have had those frames
lying around forever not knowing what to make,
but finally today they got a purpose.
I attached some satin ribbon to the back - et voilà!

 I while ago we received some strange funeral-ash-looking urns
at the store, in a weird fake milk glass color. My mom looked shocked
unpacking them and pretty quickly I threw out the lids, hoping it would
make them look better, or at least different. But alas, no.

Then I had the idea to spray paint them black. I still didn't know
what to do with them, but at least now they looked cooler. 
Then today, throwing out my old nasty pin cushion,
I suddenly knew exactly what to use one of them for!

Now I have an almost royal looking addition to my sewing corner :)

Ok, yeah I'm pretty bored. Like watching paint dry.
Actually, that's exactly what I'm doing.
I'm gonna make crayfish soup, and pour myself some more wine...


6 kommentarer:

  1. I dig your royal needle cushion, it's cool! :D
    You just gave me an idea...I have two beautiful, but unused frames laying around for years too...;)

    1. I'm glad I could be of inspiration :)

  2. Fett snygg nåldyna :D

    Jag är också uttråkad idag!

  3. That is one sweet pincushion :) About to get some embroidery out. Curtain making is on hold as we are moving in the spring. *sigh* More wine sounds like a good idea!

  4. You had a very productive day, for a day off! Love that pincushion!! Yay wine!!! :D

  5. A pincushion has never looked so awesome. It looks like an uncanny flower ;-)


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