Date night in the wreckage

I am living in a complete mess at the moment.
The living room is full of pots, pans, plates and cups.
The kitchen is half done, with the fan taken down and the blackboard
resting on a couple of books on top of the counter top.
Also, this place could use a good clean.

But tonight is date night. And I have made a point out of
keeping the dining room free from junk during our renovations.
I need to be able to light some candles and sit down
with my honey to enjoy some good food.

So, despite the mess and even though I'm hungover from
a night on the town with my cousin last night, I won't be stopped!
 On the menu tonight is vegetable lasagna with cabbage
and zucchini, and berry cupcakes with blueberries and lingon. 

What are you guys up to this weekend?


8 kommentarer:

  1. Your dinner sounds so good, wish I was there and your cupcakes...yummy!

    Thanks for your comment

  2. I didn't have any big plans for the weekend but now I have a sudden urge to be making cupcakes!

    Look how fantastically useful that chalk paint wall is turning out to be ... So funny - I love it!! :D

    You're not hungover because you managed to locate some palincă, are you? ;o)

    1. No, there was no palinca to be found at the local Irish pub, alas... or maybe luckily..? ;)

  3. We're spending the weekend at home, gaming, and having dinner together. ^^

    I love that first pic, with the note on the blackboard! :)

  4. Lasagne är typ världens bästa mat! Alla varianter :'D Muffinsen ser väldigt goda ut också!

    Jag ska spela rollspel via skype ikväll och imorgon spenderar jag nog framför Sims!

  5. Working on a counted cross-stitch birth record for a friend, getting ready for a bulk (trash) pick-up, beginning the process for moving. Your cupcakes look wonderful!

  6. Date nights shouldn't be postpone. Nope. I'm glad you didn't, and those cupcakes look delicious!

    Jacob and I have some shopping to do: crafting things, books, and other goodies ;-)

  7. The cupcakes look amazing, do you have a special recipe?


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