The worst Christmas gift ever

My blogging has been lacking lately. Considering it's Christmas,
normally I would probably be holidaying it up big time.
But I am having a hard time finding the Christmas spirit.
A week ago the stress over Cinnamon's Migrations application
got too much and we started fighting, about everything.

And then we had THE INTERVIEW.
With the horrible Migrations officer that told us that
Cinnamon man has a very slim chance applying from Sweden,
and instead probably has to go back to the States (for 6-8 months!!!) to apply.

So, now my world has understandably crumbled,
Christmas has ended up on the back burner, and we are doing
everything we can to find reasons to why Cinnamon man can't go back.
It is like a cruel reminder of the true spirit of Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is for my baby to be able to stay with us.

(Totally borrowed picture from the web.)


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  1. Why would he have to apply from the United States? It strikes me as beyond silly for immigrations to expect anyone to apply for citizenship without actually being in the country they want to apply for. How are you supposed to know if you're a good fit, if you're not there? Bestest luck digging in your heels!

  2. The brother-in-law had to go through something similar when he applied for US citizenship. I think he had to come back to Canada to apply, but he didn't have to stay here very long - certainly not 6-8 months! Maybe ten days at most. Hopefully it will be the same for Mr. Cinnamon.

    Despite everything, I hope you guys can salvage the season and have a lovely holiday together anyway ... :o)

    And a Bah Humbug to you too, Immigrations! :P

  3. Oh NO I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. If you get married can he stay? Just a thought!
    Hope things work out o.k. for both of you.
    Glad you were able to use some of what I sent you.

    Hugs Lynn

  4. I'm Petoskystone on this one. How weird that they want to send him back first. Migration is always a horrible business. I remember all the torment my brother and I went through in order to get to the US... okay, that doesn't help right now.

    Pick yourself up, Luv. Take that angry/sad/disappointed energy and send it somewhere else. Think that if he has to leave (and I pray that's not the case, but it he has) you can write letters and have great phone... um, fun.

    I know right now things just suck, but do try to focus on the fact that you have each other.

  5. Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging words! I hope you all have lovely Christmasses/ Hannuka's/ Yule/ Winter Solstice's too!

  6. I've had you and your Cinnamon Man in my thoughts. I hope all is well, and you guys are doing okay.


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