Sinister - movie review

With the creepiest opening scene I've seen in a long time
Sinister set the bar pretty high, but somehow still managed to (mostly) deliver.
I am a big fan of psychological/supernatural/creepy horror movies,
but generally I stay away from slashers, torture and gore.
Sinister had a lot of the former, and just enough of the latter,
to keep things interesting.

In my opinion they always give away too much in trailers nowadays.
I usually turn the trailer off somewhere half way.


Synopsis: A true crime writer relocates his family to a house
where a family was murdered not too long ago.
The murders are still unsolved and the youngest girl is missing.
The writer finds a box of really creepy home movies in the attic,
decides to investigate, and bad things start to happen.
This setup is really nothing new, and I doubt that anyone less famous
than Ethan Hawke could pull off walking around a house at night
listening for strange sounds (several times) without boring the audience,
but he was able to keep up our suspense.

In fact, I only had two minor problems with this movie;

1. Less frame time is more scare time.
The longer a camera lingers on someone's special effects make-up,
the less scary it becomes, and the more it starts looking like just make-up.

2. Overuse of so so child acting.
This doesn't become apparent until later in the movie, but I would have been
happier had they let some scenes fall to the cutting room floor.

That being said, this is probably the best horror movie I've seen this year
and I would recommend it to anyone who want's to get their creeps on!


2 kommentarer:

  1. I agree about trailers. No only do they give away too much, but also they put the best bits there. So what you get at the actual movie is disappointing.

    Glad you got your creep on ;-)

  2. I find I can't watch many horror movies any more because I don't like the gore, either. But this one sounds good - thanks for your review! :D


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