Kitschmas + Gothidays Day 5 - The tree

Tonight I am killing two Christmas birds with one stone;
Kitschmas at Thrift Shop Commando, and day 5 of Gothidays.
I am having so much fun blogging for Christmas, I couldn't resist :)

So, tonight we decked the tree (and, like at Prof. Z's, it was pizza night.)
I have little red marks all over my hands from taking my sweet time
placing the lights. It is time consuming every year, I want to get them even.
In Sweden we usually go for fewer, bigger lights - more like candles.

You can get a hint of our gray and purple interior in this first picture.
And the lovely blood colored velvet sofa and arm chairs from the 40's
that I am so proud of. Our tree is as always red, purple and gold.
Though, for the Gothidays challenge I wish I had more black baubles.

Now, for the Kitschmas challenge, I present you with my
favorite ornament; the purple Christmas cat!

Is it too early to call the 90's kitsch?
I thought these mirror ball baubles were the bomb when I got them,
maybe 15 years ago. Now, they are already making me nostalgic.


6 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you so much for the linkback and mention! I'm having a blast with my Countdown to Kitschmas.


  2. I really like the blood red velvet sofa set, from what I can see of it! I wish we could get the candle lights that you have on your tree here - they look really pretty, as does your whole room. I'd like to be sitting there enjoying a glass or two of glögg right now! :D

  3. I love real trees. LOVE THEM! I really like the big lights, they really do look like traditional candles.1990 was 22 years ago, so yes, you can call it kitsch. Holy smokes ... I've been out of high school for 22 years. Yipes! That kitty is so cute. :) Thanks for participating!

  4. Ååå jag vill också ha roligt julgranspynt, katten var ju underbar!

  5. Love your tree and I adore that purple cat. I have a couple of cat ornaments that I really like too, funny, I have mice all over the tree though.


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