Gothidays Day 3 - Weekend baking

Since Cinnamon man moved in my baking skills have taken a leap forward.
I have also noticed that being creative in the kitchen is really therapeutic.
And it helps that we can enjoy the goodies afterwards ;)

Last weekend was the first of advent, and I was baking up a storm. 
The weather - we got our first snow!  - made for cozy time off,
and it helped that I came home Saturday afternoon to a spotless kitchen.
(Cinnamon man is responsible for the kitchen, and he knew I was planning on baking <3)

So I got busy, making my "signature" pumpkin ginger bread cupcakes with our last
pumpkin, and a chocolate espresso truffle cake with dark and white chocolate.
I put the cupcakes in the freezer, to use as gifts closer to Christmas, but we
enjoyed the truffle cake with some vanilla cream (and some wine) later that night.

For the truffle cake I used a simple chocolate cake recipe, but skipped on the
baking powder, and used a smaller amount of butter and sugar than the recipe called for.
I melted some white and dark chocolate (maybe 75 grams) with the butter and mixed in
a spoon of espresso powder. Then I just mixed and baked it according to the recipe.

We started the Sunday with a very late breakfast (more like lunch...),
then we took a trip to the local Christmas market. Unfortunately it was freezing.
Back home I made a fire and I had to sit under a blanket to warm up.
 I flipped through some cook books and got a little tipsy on glögg (sweet mulled wine).

When I finally was warm enough I got restless and decided to make some bread.
I rummaged through the pantry and found some walnuts, apricots and ginger snaps.
Why not, I thought? I winged the rest, half expecting a terrible failure
- but it actually turned out being the best bread I have ever made!

 I don't remember exactly (...) but I think the trick this time, except for the handful
of crushed ginger snaps, was that I used extra salt and brown sugar, and a little vinegar
in the dough. I also used less yeast and instead let it rise for much longer than usual.
I have two knew loaves "on the rise" as I'm writing this, so I hope I got it right...

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong with my stupid camera?
With flash my pictures come out too stark, with cold colors and deep shadows,
but without the flash, though the colors are great, I can NEVER get a shot
that is completely clear, even if I rest my arms against something.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Do you have an auto-focus or one-shot camera? If so, you need to let the camera focus in on your desired object, then you slightly depress the button to fix the focus and fully depress the button to capture the image.

    Come join me for my Countdown to Kitschmas.


  2. jag blir så hungrig av din blogg xD

  3. I'm salivating reading about your chocolate truffle cake and pumpkin gingerbread cupcakes. MMMmmmmm. Oh, and the glögg. :o)

    I used to have the same problem with my old camera. Now I have a new one (still a point and shoot though), and I find either the Backlight option or the Low Res option work best for me. Low Res is quite dark, but I kind of like that effect...

  4. Tami + Insomniac: Thank you both for your tips! I will try them next time I take out the camera :)


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