Christmas at our house + GIVEAWAY

Although I am a day late for the finale of Gothidays
(I am still having a little bit of a hard time right now)
today I am inviting you all over to our house for Jul!

I don't know what one would call my interior style,
but I describe it as a mish mash between vintage, Indian/ Moroccan,
country romantic and bohemian gypsy. With purple as the red thread ;)

The adventsljusstake is a very Swedish thing.
Every Sunday of the four leading up to Christmas we light a candle.
Today is the second of advent, so we light two of them.
Some years I just light them all on the first Sunday,
but then the countdown to Christmas just isn't the same, isn't as visible.

In Sweden we decorate our windows with (electrical) candelabras or stars.
And outside the window you can see the nasty sleet we got today...

Over the dining room table we have a chandelier with a wreath of black beads.
I change out the rest of the decorations with the season,
and right now it has a peony string of light, baubles and decoupage hearts.

The little black edge of fur you might spot on the couch to the right
is my silly little boy, the one who gave us all heart burn last week.
He was happily snoozing away while I was putting up the last of the decorations.


 I took a few more pictures of the living room,
where you can actually see more than just the tree.

The shiny table is a thrift shop find I made a few years ago.
 The tray is brass with copper and silver details,
and the wooden legs have bone or stone (?) inlays.
The inscription on the tray is Arabic and goes something like:
"If you shine this you will keep the doctor away".
Pretty funny, right?

The sofa and chairs are, like I mentioned earlier, in a blood velvet from the 40's
and were almost completely unused when I bought them a few years ago.
They had been sitting in a parlor that was off limits for some reason,
and they don't have a scratch or a stain on them. I love them!
Though they aren't very comfortable,
and they cause Cinnamon man's allergies to flare up...

 I concentrate my decoration efforts on the downstairs,
but walking up the stairs there's a ledge shooting out on the left side,
which is too narrow to really fit anything except a lamp - and my shoes.
I just had to show you the effect of the purple lights in the red vase :)

As promised, here's my Christmas GIVEAWAY!
These are rustic felt Christmas stockings that I made a few years ago.
One red with a green seam, and one purple with a teal seam.
But since we don't do the stocking thing in Sweden, they were never used.
I'm hoping someone else out there can get some use out of them
- and maybe add their own name and/or frills to them!

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post,
and be sure to link back to a blog or email address!
I will draw and contact the winner one week from now.

Good luck and God Jul!

11 kommentarer:

  1. It's a healthy kit who can tuck themselves up so tight :) Love the chandelier. Very cute stockings. Since stockings aren't hung, is there a substitute? Or is this Santa visits thing not really done?

  2. I'm in love with the chandelier and the cat! I've always wanted a black cat (might get one in the next few months). I can't wait to finally finish moving and unpacking so that I can do some decorating. I'm thinking that our style will be a bit wild, a bit country, and a bit witchy... but I don't know yet.

  3. I love your style - especially the mix of purple and reds! We call it eclectic if it's a mish mash, and I think it's the best style of all when it's little bits of everything a person loves. Your sofa is amazing - lucky find for you!! I've always wished we had deeper window sills in our houses because I'd love that extra place to display things.

    Although I'd love to win your stockings, please don't enter me in the giveaway as you'd faint when you found out the postage to Canada! ;o)

  4. Peto: Oh yes, we do Santa - or Tomten as he is called over here. Just not the stocking or boot thing (like in northern continental Europe).
    Magaly: Yes, get a kitty! Or two, or three :) They bring so much joy.
    Insomniac: Thank you, but of course you are entered! One can't discriminate against the far-off-located :)

  5. Beautiful decor..I love it all, the vibrant mix of color and everythng that you created.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Our snow kind of melted but is sprinkling and then it will freeze..not my favorite. Thank you for your comment

  6. Ooh, djupa fönsterkarmar och träbjälkar i taket, precis så ska det se ut! :) Gillar soffgruppen! Äldre möbler är så mycket mer hemtrevliga än nya/moderna!

  7. Vad mysigt ni har pyntat :D

    Också lilla svarta katten <3

  8. I love, love, love your home! The colours are so lovely! Especially the play between the gold table and wine couches.

    Your little fur baby is adorable!

  9. Nice decking, I love the coloring of your apartement a lot!

  10. WOW! I love your house style -- so warm and pretty! And your holiday decorations are so beautiful! I love the way everything glows!

    Big thanks for participating! And thank you for sharing your home with us!

  11. I really enjoyed reading about your traditions there and seeing all the colorful decorations. So rich in the jewel tones.
    I hope everything works out with Cinnamon man. Must be very stressful.
    Hugs Lynn


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