Sick kitty

Is there anything worse than when your beloved pet is sick?
(Ok, if I had children I would probably answer "yes" to that question.)
But my little boy is ill. My little silly furry black baby is ill.
 It started yesterday. All of a sudden he just seemed to shut down.
He pulled away, hid under furniture, stopped eating and drinking,
hardly reacted when we petted him, and seemed to be in pain
when trying to move around. 

He is a sensitive boy, and he acts weird like this a couple of times
a year. Though it has never been quite this bad before.
And then, this morning he smelled a little of pee, and that was it.
 If he was too ill to walk over to the cat box (10 feet from where he
was lying) something was definitely wrong. So while I went to work
Cinnamon man took my little baby to the vet's.

Several hours, an inconclusive x-ray and an apparently pretty
normal looking blood test later, they are heading home again.
And none of us are the wiser :(
 They have given him fluids, though he wasn't really dehydrated.
They have given him pain killers, though they can't find anything
broken, busted or even swollen.

Before leaving they recommended taking him to a pet hospital
to have someone monitor him over night. (Covering their asses?)
But I said; No-one knows my baby like me, and if I have to
stay up all night, nursing him and making sure he is hydrated
and gets the nourishments he needs - that is what I'll do.
It wouldn't be the first time.

If he still isn't better in the morning we'll take him to the hospital.
But leaving him there all night alone and scared?
I can't think of anything worse for his recovery.
 My body is aching from all the anxiety I've been carrying around all day.
 And I am currently counting the minutes until 6 o'clock, when Cinnamon man
picks me up and takes me home, so that I can look after my baby.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh no! I hope Little Kitty heals soonest :( If it's a seasonal illness, perhaps he has a sinus infection?

  2. Oh, I so understand where you are at! I have three lovely kitty girls and when one of them is sick it consumes me. I can't think of anything else and probably drive them crazy with extra attention. IF ONLY THE COULD TALK, really talk, and tell us where it hurts! My thoughts are with you, and your pal. I hope he is just having a bad few days and everything will be OK♥

  3. Children who are too little to be able to tell you where it hurts and pets who will never be able to tell you what's wrong - there's nothing worse. Hopefully he's better by tomorrow ... ♥

  4. Could it be a urinary tract infection? They are fairly common in cats.


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