Kitchen makeover thoughts

Today I learned something new and exciting:
One can pretty easily paint over ugly old tiles, with a lasting result!
This opens up a whole new avenue of ideas for our
(ever imminent) kitchen makeover.

I have been thinking about changing the kitchen since I first moved in,
over 5 years ago. But for a long while I hardly spent any time there.
Now, when Cinnamon man lives with us, things are different.

But - for our kitchen, the previous owners chose small matte tiles in a weird
apricot non-color, with random moss green leaves thrown in on some of them.
Yes, they are exactly as hideous as they sound, and every attempt
on my part to even visualize a new kitchen has been thwarted by those tiles.

We don't have the funds for an expensive remake,
and knocking down tiles have always seemed like too much work.
I would like to do as much as possible myself, and get as much change
as I can out of a couple of cans of paint. And it finally seems possible :)

 As usual my color scheme is purple, gray, black and white
and these are some of the pictures I found googling for inspiration.

Now, all I have to do is find the time...


3 kommentarer:

  1. My design inspiration is 'Scary Godmother' (hit up Youtube to see her living & kitchen ).

  2. I love all your inspiration pics. I have a love hate relationship with my kitchen tiles and would love to be able to paint them too. Can't wait to see how you do it.

  3. I've seen some pictures of Scary Godmother before, but never realized it was also a movie/cartoon. I will have to look her up immediately!


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