Countdown to Christmas decorating

I packed away Halloween today. I know it's late and in some
places there are Thanksgiving decorations filling the house by now.
But in Sweden we have nothing like that between Halloween and Christmas.
I wanted to redecorate already a few weeks ago, but since Cinnamon man
thinks it's too early for Christmas stuff, I just didn't have any inspiration.

That has been a theme with my blog as well. As soon as Halloween,
and all the great autumn blog parties were over, I just ran out of steam.
My inspiration and creativity plummeted. Well, enough of that, I say!
Today I watched "Elf" and I am now officially in the Christmas spirit :)

I have a colorful and cozy home, with lots of purple and velvet.
And even though I love to look at different decoration styles,
I end up coming back to the same colors and fabrics.
I have negotiated the Christmas decoration down to next weekend,
until then I'll have to get my kicks from images like these:


6 kommentarer:

  1. We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada way back in mid-October. So it's kind of boring between now and the next holiday for us, too. (December 1st is when I'm allowed to start the Christmas decorating.) Thanks for sharing the pictures, to help get over this inspiration slump. :)

  2. Those rooms are so beautiful, like being inside of a jewel box looking out!

  3. ohhh, those are some pretty Christmmas decorations!!!

    Congrats you won in my giveaway.
    I'll send you a pm with some information.
    Thanks and hugs Lynn

  4. I love your colorful house. Those chairs look so comfy!

    Maybe you can make up your own holiday for between Halloween and Christmas.

  5. Lynn: WHohooo!!! For some reason your e-mail ended up in my junk mail filter, but I have retrieved it and answered you now :)

  6. Omg jag dör, så snygga bilder! Jag älskar lila!


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