Candle making DIY

I suck at taking pictures. Really, really suck at it.
I hate having my own picture taken, and I always forget to take pictures
of friends and at gatherings, of cupcakes and of the crafts I make.

If I make something at the store, I realize too late that the camera is at home.
And if I bake something that I'm especially proud of, I have undoubtedly
left the camera at the store. I think this could actually be an interesting blog,
if I ever remembered to take out the camera...

But today, the two items (me + camera) happened to be in the same place!
So I thought I'd share one of my DIY projects with you; Candle making.
Candle making is a fairly quick and easy craft. (Scroll to bottom for instructions.)


I have made several different candles from mixing old candle stumps,
candles I didn't like the color of and small scented votives.
Many candle mixes will sink or wrinkle while setting,
so it's a good idea to keep a little wax for later, to smoothen the surface.


I made the candle to the right with fall leaves that I first dried and pressed.
I poured a little wax into the bottom of the glass, and put most of the leaves
in while the wax was setting. This gives the leaves something to hold on to,
otherwise they will end up too far from the glass, and look blurry.
Then I poured in the rest (I used a different mix, hence the color difference).

I have so many candles and candle holders just lying around!
So today, I'm making Christmas candles. I mixed stumps
of old pillar candles (red, white, orange) with 3 different scented
votives; Apple Pie, Cinnamon Plum and Vanilla cake.
While the wax was melting the kitchen filled with such a wonderful smell!

Candle making is very straight forward. It's basically just melt, stir and pour :)
This is what you will need:

- 2 pots that you only use for candle making,
one needs to fit into the other, for melting in a water bath.

- Wicks, clean or "recycled". You can buy them at crafts stores,
but I just cut up some ugly old tall candles I had lying around,
then I removed and trimmed the the wicks.

- Clean containers. Anything water and (mild) heat resistant will do.
If you intend to burn the candle while still in the container,
keep to glass or metal, something fire resistant.
- Pens, straws, knitting needles or the like.
For tying the wicks around, to keep them in place.

- A sifter, that you only use for candle making.
To get rid of soot, dust, pieces of old wick etc while pouring.

- Something to stir with, that you only use for candle making.


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  1. I'd forgotten how much fun making candles can be! I think I'll check out the thrift store and see if I can't find some old votives - you've inspired me to make some for Christmas gifts! :D


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